Tuesday Tips – Volley the Ball or Let it Bounce?

Ever feel like Shakespeare on the court asking yourself – “To bounce or not to bounce?”  Here’s how pro Rob Cassidy dinking with Jordan Briones of PrimeTime Pickleball answers that million dollar question.

“Not sure when to let the ball bounce and when to take it out of the air as a volley. Here’s a great way to know when to do what…

One of the questions that’s asked a lot in pickleball is when do I let the ball bounce and when do I volley it. It’s very important to know the difference because it can change the tempo of the point and have a big impact on the outcome. In this video, pro pickleball player and coach Rob Cassidy is going to show us a great way to figure out when it’s time to reach in for a volley dink and when it’s best to let the ball bounce and play a regular dink. You need both but picking the right one at the right time is key to playing winning pickleball.”