Tuesday Tips – The Myth of ‘Paddle Up’ – 3rd in a Series

Third in a series from https://www.pickleballportal.com/guides/paddle-positioning/

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3) Pickleball Strategy: The Myth of ‘Paddle Up’

Lastly, we have this video from Mark Renneson at Third Shot Sports who offers his opinion and reasons why he feels the “Paddle Up” mantra that is repeated so often by many coaches to beginner pickleball players is not necessarily good advice …and may actually be creating bad habits that are detrimental to your pickleball game!

The video does a great job showing many examples of top-level players who do NOT keep their paddle up high. In fact, some of the clips show them consistently holding your pickleball paddle at waist height or even below –down near their thighs while in the ready position waiting to return the next shot.  Mark also explains that keeping your paddle too high will elevates your center of gravity which makes it difficult to move quickly.

It may be a matter of compromise, some players are willing to give up some paddle readiness to have a lower center of gravity and move better on the court.

As Mark says  MOVING MATTERS in Pickleball!