Tuesday Tips – Paddle Tracking – 2nd in a Series

Second in a series from https://www.pickleballportal.com/guides/paddle-positioning/

See the 1st in this series: Paddle Ready Position

2) Paddle Tracking

Sarah Ansboury introduces a concept she calls Paddle Tracking” to use the pickleball paddle to track the ball while it’s in play. She likes to think of her paddle as a heat-seeking missile. I really liked that description, I’ve tried this out in practice and find the visualization really does help keep me on the ball better.

Sarah points out that one of the keys is good body positioning, keeping your body high (not bent over) and pickleball paddle held high and out in front of you while constantly pointing the paddle at the ball and shifting your body weight as the pickleball ball moves around the court.  Maximize use of your shoulder, not elbow and wrist!  

This helps you keep engaged in the game and brain and body connected. This is also a great strategy for poaching as it helps you get in position and anticipate the shots! “Poach Like A Pro”!