Tuesday Tips – Drop Drill

If you have played pickleball more than once, you have likely heard of the legendary”Third Shot Drop”.  Jordan Briones of Prime Time Pickleball, has a great and simple drill that can and should be used in your warm ups to make your third shots as easy as cherry pie.

Why bother with a third shot drop?  And do you know that it’s often used as a 4th, 8th, or any shot of the game?

  1. Allows transition time for you and your partner to advance to the no volley zone.
  2. Varying your shots is funner for you and your partner and your opponents.
  3. Slow the game down and reset the point.

And here is the drill from Jordan Briones and Nicole Havlicek of Prime Time Pickleball.

“Do you struggle with your 3rd shot drop? If you do or if you’d simply like your 3rd shot to be better then this is the lesson for you. In this video we’ll cover a 3rd shot drill that you can do every time you play to gain consistency and control of your 3rd shot.”