Tuesday Tips – 68 Shots in One Rally – What do you see

Do  watch PB games in person and online to learn the game better? Watch and learn, grasshopper. :o)

Watch all the dinking – cross court and straight on, reset shots – take a drive and neutralize it, and be ready for every shot to come back – no matter how beautiful your shot is.  Be honest. We’ve all thought there is no way they will get my last shot back and then SURPRISE!

From Pickleball Channel: “WOW! This is an amazing 68 shot rally definitely worthy to be called “Point of the Day”. In the PRO Men’s Doubles semi-final match at the inaugural Las Vegas Pickleball Open, a spectacular point took place. It went to 68 shots, filled with strategic dinking and intense volley exchanges. Kyle Yates and Ben Johns squared up against Callan Dawson and Tyler Loong in this amazing semi-finals match that went to 3 games. They then went on to play each other again for the gold medal match later in the day. This is some hot pickleball, and you don’t want to miss this impressive point! This is the kind of point that makes you proud to play pickleball.”