Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Beginners

With indoor play comes opportunity for wall work. Joe Baker made a number of videos on backboard wall drills in 2016. Over the next few Tuesdays, the tips will show wall work drills for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players.

Today’s video focuses on Beginner Drills and runs to about 3:30 in the video.

  1. Forehand and backhand ground strokes
  2. Alternating forehand and backhand ground strokes
  3. Serves
  4. Forehand and backhand volley shots
  5.  Alternating forehand and backhand volley shots, increasing speed and distance as your skill improves.

You can also do a lot of these drills at home using the foam golf balls shown in http://truckeemeadowspickleballclub.org/tuesday-tip-reaction-time-helps/.