Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Advanced

This is the third and final in a series from Joe Baker on wall drills.

Advanced Drills
  1. Forehand and backhand and alternating forehand and backhand machine gun speed volley shots
  2. Backhand backspin volleys
  3. Backhand topspin volleys
  4. Backhand left and right sidespin volleys (sawing motion)
  5. Alternating forehand and backhand side spin shots (paintbrush motion)
  6. Taking speed off the ball
  7. Volley to surprise lobThird shot drop shots into the kitchen
  8. Disguised lobs when dinking
  9. Disguised body shots when dinking
  10. Sharp angle shots when dinking
  11. Fake overhead smash shots

While the whole video is embedded below, here is a link to start the video right at the beginning of advanced drills at about 6:40 in the video: Advanced Wall Drills