Truckee River Cleanup Day

TMPC club volunteers joined in a city-wide project for the Truckee River Clean-up day on Saturday, Sept. 26th,sponsored by Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.
Club members cleaned up weeds, walking paths, trash, etc. from Dorostkar Park.

Huge thanks to all of the volunteers!
Nick & Vicki Sharp
Karen Bruner
Rick & Kathy McDermid    
Paul & Mary Ann Ricciardi   
George Leezy
Teena Parduhn
Ralph & Cathie Barbato
Eric Delius
Sherri Elcano & Margo
Becky Privitt
Bob Basso
Kenneth Grey
Frank & Ingrid Tomlinson
Don & Lea Unruh
Carol Amos
Judith Wasson
Jim MacInnes
Ruby Paley
Susie Deller
Kimberly Monte
Steve & Liz Brown

Statistics from Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful Truckee River Clean-up Day:
433 Volunteers
20 sites
23,995 pounds of trash
21,360 pounds of invasive weeds
177 storm drains stenciled
350 plants planted
26 trees planted