TMPC Open to all January Event – Bead Up Pickleball

Please come when you can! If you need to miss – and hope you don’t – no worries! But we will miss you!

Drive safely and it’s bone dry here in Fallon. We just got an inch of wind and dust…. See you in the snow zone soon!





Bead Up Pickleball! A fun new event for all players courtesy of TMPC. Non members welcome!

  • When: Friday January 17th
  • 9:00 to 1:00 pm – Come and play when you can.
  • Come and play at Boys & Girls Club on Foster Drive on Friday.
  • Event is loosely structured and it’s okay to come when you can and leave when you need to leave!
  • Just come and play!
  1. Do you realize that each point of a game, each side out, or second server is usually the result of an unforced error? And sometimes that unforced error is three shots before the last hit ending the rally? And rarely – but honestly very rarely –  a point of a game, a side out, or a second server is the result of a winner not off an unforced error.
  2. The Scoop:
  3. Four or five closely leveled players will be assigned to a court for 5 consecutive games. Each player keeps track of their own score however you don’t want to get points!
  4. You receive points from each unforced error you make. With each unforced error and point you will put on a bead necklace to wear!
  • This is one time you don’t want to be the prettiest and most bejeweled player on the court!
  • Make a winner that can’t be returned by Superman or Superwoman? Take away one of your unforced error points and unload a bead necklace!
  • Players with a bye will be bead (and unforced error) monitor of their court. Games will be timed.
  • Depending on sign ups and time, multiple rounds will be played with players rotating between courts for each round to mix players up.
  1. BOTH SESSIONS = 12 players
  2. Carol Amos 4.0
    Juana Beguelin 3.0
    Betsy Cooksey 3.5
    sharon goodrich 3.0
    Jackie Jonas 3.0
    Joyce King 3.0
    George Leezy 3.0
    david luscavage 3.0
    Pete Macall 3.0
    CYNTHIA Macall 3.0
    Nanette Perkins 2.5
    Dave Whitefield 3.5
  3. EARLY SESSION = 19 players
  4. John Bogikes 3.0
    Ron Brooks 2.5
    Bruce Burkham 3.0
    Paula Cobb 3.0
    Stephanie Cole 2.5
    Sherri Elcano 3.5
    Betty Fairchild 3.0
    Cathy Fitzgerald 3.5
    Betty Gaines 3.0
    Robin Greco 3.0
    donna hahn 3.0
    mary heddell 3.5
    Lisa Masten 3.0
    Karin McCollum 2.5
    Rick Mcdermid 3.5
    Teena Parduhn 3.5
    Rick Rucker 3.5
    Mary Sabol 3.5
  5. LATE SESSION = 23 players
  6. Mary Barker 2.5
    bob basso 3.0
    steve bennett 2.5
    Karen. Bowman 3.0
    Diane DeLauer 3.0
    Pete Dickinson 2.5
    Jim Gaebe 3.0
    Mary Ann Gaebe 3.0
    Kenneth Grey 3.0
    Mary Ellen Horan 2.5
    Joyce King 3.0
    Lynn Kocher 3.0
    Paul Kocher 3.5
    Jeannene Levitre 2.5
    Carol Lytle 3.0
    Bill McKee 4.0
    John Molony 3.5
    Nicholas St Jon 3.5
    Sue Tebbutt 3.0
    Frank Tomlinson 2.5
    Don Unruh 3.0
    Lea Unruh 3.0
    Max Williams 3.0