Announcing TMPC Kids Pickleball Program!

Long time TMPC Member and PB coach, Nick Sharp, wants to “play the joys” of PB forward and get the area kids playing pickleball. He will partner up with TMPC board member, Netto Montoya, a long time coach and educator in our area.

Paddles are needed!

Do you  have a paddle in your bag or garage gathering dust that you no longer use? Please donate your old/unused paddles to TMPC Kids Pickleball Program  so Nick and Netto can use it in helping area kids learn pickleball.

Volunteers are needed, too!

If any of you have ever used one of those old wooden paddles? They are HEAVY! Now think of a youngster using one of those!

If you have a paddle or two to donate for the TMPC Kids Pickleball Program or want to help teach the kids of our area, please  contact us through the Contact Form below and we will contact you soon.