Announcing TMPC Kids Pickleball Program!

Long time TMPC Member and PB coach, Nick Sharp, wants to “play the joys” of PB forward and get the area kids playing pickleball. He will partner up with TMPC board member, Netto Montoya, a long time coach and educator in our area.

Paddles are needed!

Do you  have a paddle in your bag or garage gathering dust that you no longer use? Please donate your old/unused paddles to TMPC Kids Pickleball Program  so Nick and Netto can use it in helping area kids learn pickleball.

Volunteers are needed, too!

If any of you have ever used one of those old wooden paddles? They are HEAVY! Now think of a youngster using one of those!

If you have a paddle or two to donate for the TMPC Kids Pickleball Program or want to help teach the kids of our area, please  contact us through the Contact Form below and we will contact you soon.


Tuesday Tips – Volley the Ball or Let it Bounce?

Ever feel like Shakespeare on the court asking yourself – “To bounce or not to bounce?”  Here’s how pro Rob Cassidy dinking with Jordan Briones of PrimeTime Pickleball answers that million dollar question.

“Not sure when to let the ball bounce and when to take it out of the air as a volley. Here’s a great way to know when to do what…

One of the questions that’s asked a lot in pickleball is when do I let the ball bounce and when do I volley it. It’s very important to know the difference because it can change the tempo of the point and have a big impact on the outcome. In this video, pro pickleball player and coach Rob Cassidy is going to show us a great way to figure out when it’s time to reach in for a volley dink and when it’s best to let the ball bounce and play a regular dink. You need both but picking the right one at the right time is key to playing winning pickleball.”

Tuesday Tips – Don’t Rush the Shot – Wait for the ^PEAK^

Wait for the ^PEAK^….. Watch for the ^PEAK^!

Today’s Tuesday Tip is brought to you from Tony Roig with In2Pickle.

“A quick tip about how to avoid this pickleball error. This error tends to happen during return of serve and during third shots; players will rush in towards the incoming ball. In addition to causing errors it actually makes the incoming shot faster. Let the ball peak and then strike it. You will reduce your errors and gain more control over your shots.”

Playtime Scheduler

From Carol Amos

Recently, I shared  Playtime Scheduler with my twin sister – Kathy Getto  – who  helps  with Boise Area Pickleball Association. Kathy checked it out, loved it, and signed up as the Boise Idaho area administrator for Playtime Scheduler in the last week or so.  Already, Boise has 70+ registered and more are signing up and using Playtime Scheduler daily! I have also talked to Sacramento area players who use and rave about it, too.

I have signed up as the administrator for the greater Truckee Meadows area which currently includes two areas – Reno & Sparks as well as Carson Valley and Fallon. As the administrator, I have added all outdoor pickleball courts and all of the indoor facilities that I am aware of. If you want additional courts added, please email TMPC with the information.

The application also allows for invite only sessions if you want to set up private play dates. No more group texts bouncing all around cyberspace over and over again!

Please feel free to sign up and use Playtime Scheduler and share it with your friends. It is FREE and the more that use it the better it will work for all of us. Not limited to TMPC Members but we sure hope all of you support TMPC.

For step by step instructions on how to easily create your own account, please click here:

Be sure to share this with your PB friends all across the greater Truckee Meadows area!  Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Gardnerville, and Fallon are all available. Please email TMPC to add more locations!

HELPFUL HINT: You can look at all the play scheduled through PlayTime Schedule in the Sacramento area by clicking on the word Demo just under the email address blank on the Player Log In page.

Fantastic Freaky Friday!

Too busy to do a head count and forgot to do a group picture, but Freaky Friday was a great way to start out this membership year Friday evening at Hidden Valley Courts! We guessed 50+ players came out on a gorgeous late summer night.

Good play, good fun, good food and good times.  Raffle tickets were given for each player that brought food, dressed freaky, or brought a friend. Gift certificates to Pickleball Central were given to four lucky ticket holders.

Board members did not draw the four tickets out of a bucket, but three board members did win a gift certificate.




Winners of the gift certificates: Tom Murtha, Netto Montoya, Paul Kocher, and Karen Wallis.

Thanks to all who came, played, visited and ate! Next events will be added to the Events page and we will keep you posted.

Freaky Friday Picture Gallery

Freaky Friday – Today!

Come on out this afternoon for Freaky Friday at Hidden Valley courts.

  • Don’t forget to bring a dish to share.
  • Bring  your own beverage & a chair.
  • Dress Freaky. Freaky Friday like the movie. Freaky like mismatched clothes. Freaky like Urkel the nerd.
  • What ever freaky is to you, FrEaK oUt!



  • Freaky Friday – September 13th – 4 pm to 7 pm.

    Click on image for full size flyer.

  • Hidden Valley Regional Park
  • *Free raffle tickets for Pickleball Central gift cards.
  • Bring a dish. *Get a free raffle ticket.
  • Bring a non-member friend to play. *Get a free raffle ticket.
  • Play with someone new. *Get a free raffle ticket.
  •  DrEsS FrEaKy! *Get a free raffle ticket.

Tuesday Tips – Split Step – Kind of Like Hopscotch

From gorgeous Incline Village, here is CJ Johnson with today’s Tuesday Tip. The split step is crucial and once you master it, you will notice that you aren’t hitting as many balls into the net as you move towards the kitchen.

“The fastest way to play better is to improve your pickleball footwork. The split step helps you move more efficiently on the court. Yet many players are don’t know how to use a split step. In today’s pickleball video we’ll cover the What, Why and When of the split step and give you a few drills to improve your groundstrokes and movement. Better footwork leads to pickleball consistency.”

First Social of the Year This Friday. Got old paddles? Save the dates.

First TMPC Club Social This Membership Year!

Pickle Potluck and Social Play and Raffle – Open to members and non members. Bring a friend!

Please bring your own lawn chairs and beverages.

  • Freaky Friday – September 13th – 4 pm to 7 pm.

    Click on image for full size flyer.

  • Hidden Valley Regional Park
  • *Free raffle tickets for Pickleball Central gift cards.
  • Bring a dish. *Get a free raffle ticket.
  • Bring a non-member friend to play. *Get a free raffle ticket.
  • Play with someone new. *Get a free raffle ticket.
  •  DrEsS FrEaKy! *Get a free raffle ticket.



TMPC Members Netto Montoya and Nick Sharp will soon be teaching pickleball to the youth in the Truckee Meadows.

If you have paddles you would like to donate, please bring them to the social, give them to Netto or Nick, or contact TMPC so we can get the old paddles from you. Thank you for helping us spread pickleball to Truckee Meadows youth!

Future TMPC events have been added to our Events page. Be sure to check them out.

Tuesday Tips – 68 Shots in One Rally – What do you see

Do  watch PB games in person and online to learn the game better? Watch and learn, grasshopper. :o)

Watch all the dinking – cross court and straight on, reset shots – take a drive and neutralize it, and be ready for every shot to come back – no matter how beautiful your shot is.  Be honest. We’ve all thought there is no way they will get my last shot back and then SURPRISE!

From Pickleball Channel: “WOW! This is an amazing 68 shot rally definitely worthy to be called “Point of the Day”. In the PRO Men’s Doubles semi-final match at the inaugural Las Vegas Pickleball Open, a spectacular point took place. It went to 68 shots, filled with strategic dinking and intense volley exchanges. Kyle Yates and Ben Johns squared up against Callan Dawson and Tyler Loong in this amazing semi-finals match that went to 3 games. They then went on to play each other again for the gold medal match later in the day. This is some hot pickleball, and you don’t want to miss this impressive point! This is the kind of point that makes you proud to play pickleball.”