Updates on Outside Play – Only 10 Players Per Facility!

TMPC Board Member Paul Ricciardi has received updates from Washoe County Parks Department.

State of Nevada is still in Phase ZERO and groups of 10 or more people MAY NOT gather in one area.

So, if you see 10 players at the courts, keep on driving to find another court!

This is 10 players at per facility not per court!

Hidden Valley does not have PB nets up because players broke into the courts and played before the ban was lifted.  NOT GOOD! Washoe County Parks removed the nets. It’s now open for 10 players but bring a net.

Plumas Courts are open to limited play. Please call them directly to verify their limited play availability.

If the Social Distancing recommendations are not  followed, the City and County will shut the courts down again. Please be a good citizen!



The current Nevada statewide social distancing measures for COVID-19 are expected to continue into
Phase 1 and will be subject to review as the State transitions into future phases. These measures include but are not limited to the following:

  • For communities and individuals:
    • If you must go out, wear a face covering.
    • Keep at least six feet between yourself and others, whenever possible.
    No gatherings of 10 or more people.





Outdoor Pickleball Allowed to Start Friday May 1st

From Nevada Sports Net

“Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak extended the state’s stay-at-home orders Wednesday but eased restrictions for some local recreation sporting events beginning Friday.

The new directive eases restrictions on outdoor activities, including golf, pickleball and tennis, if they are played in a way that prevents the spread of COVID-19.”

Per City of Reno, outside area courts will start opening up Friday May 1st. Please be patient with City, County and State employees as changes may take some time to be completed.

Pickleball is back!

Most of Swag Is In!

Hooray to TMPC Board Member Paul Kocher for organizing this fundraiser and getting us all looking good on the courts!


Most of the TMPC  swag is in and ready for pick up.

  • Pick up can be done this Monday, April 13 at Boys & Girls Club from 11 am to noon.
  • Please email Paul Kocher that you are coming this Monday to pick up your swag. 
  • If members are unable to meet Paul on Monday, he have it at the Hidden Valley TMPC Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday May 5th at 10:00 am.  This meeting is dependent on social distancing being lifted by the governor.


Missing Pickleball? You betcha!

We’ve all got the pickleball blues…..
But here’s a way to keep fresh! And no net needed!


TMPC Board of Directors voted to allow online voting for the next Board of Directors election scheduled for Friday June 12th.

Board Member Candidates – Four openings

Bob Basso  –  Karen Bowman  –  Joyce King  –  Lyle Mason

Paul Ricciardi   –  Nick Sharp  –  Jeanne Vernon


Do you know that many facilities encourage and mandate changing your shoes at the indoor court facilities?

Wear and tear on gym floor surfaces from street shoes is epic. And wear and tear on your court shoes on the street is epic, too!

Help your facility and your pickleball shoes by changing at the courts.

TMPC Swag – Members will be styling soon!

Members want to be looking good on the courts. Our recent fundraiser was a big success and over 80 articles of TMPC swag will be arriving soon.

Big thanks to those of you who ordered TMPC Swag. Board members will be in touch as soon as the merchandise arrives. There has been a slight delay due to COVID-19 affecting stock, but hopefully you will be pretty soon!

City of Reno Activity Cards

City of Reno activity cards have been suspended since March 16th. When the City of Reno re-opens activities, cards will be reactivated without losing anything for the time City of Reno activities were suspended. For more information, please contact the City of Reno.

Notification from City of Reno 3/30/2020


No Pickleball Play!

Dear Pickleball Peeps

Don’t play pickleball now!

Pickleball peeps have a great reputation for being friendly and great ambassadors for our sport and bringing people together.

Do our sport & your community & our world right.

Do not play pickleball now!

Inside or outside!





TMPC Swag Deadline, USAPA Statement, Election Update & Pickleball Yoga

Last call for  TMPC Swag    Order by this Sunday!

If you have trouble with the ordering, please contact Board Member Paul Kocher by email ASAP.


United States of America Pickleball Association

“We encourage everyone to do their part to slow the spread of the coronavirus, follow the directions of your state and local authorities, avoid social gatherings, and if possible, stay home and away from people. Soon enough we will be back to playing pickleball regularly.Update March 19, 2020 (1:00 pm PT)

Online Voting!

The TMPC Board of Directors voted during the March meeting to allow members the additional option to online vote this June to fill upcoming vacancies on the board.  Previously, members were required to attend the annual membership meeting to vote on paper ballots. The manner of voting will be determined soon, but please know that votes will be kept confidential!

Members in active standing will be able to vote in person at the meeting or online prior to the meeting. (Updated 3/3/2020.)

To see who is currently running for the four vacancies that will open up July 1, 2020, please visit our Board Info page.

And thank you to past board member, Paula Cobb, for suggesting this needed change!

 Be ready for the courts to open up again!STRETCH FOR SUCCESS

You already know it, you need to stretch. It’s the key to being ready the moment you step on the courts and is essential for staying on the courts. Become a Pickleball Yogi and enhance your body and your game with the perfect complements for rolling and yoga.