Parks Commission Meeting This Tuesday Night

Commission Meeting for Parks Departments will be held this Tuesday February 5th from 6 – 8 pm at McKinley Arts & Culture Center.

Please come bearing paddles and your favorite pickleball shirt to show all the Truckee Meadows Parks Commissioners just how we love PB in the Truckee Meadows!!

TMPC President Lyle Mason and USAPA District Ambassadors for Northern Nevada Nick & Vicki Sharp and Lyle Mason will each present short presentations during public comments.

Discussion points  Lyle, Nick and Vicki will be presenting include an overview of facilities in the area including before and after pictures of Hidden Valley, possible courts at the new Cyan Park, and how few dedicated courts our area has compared to other cities of similar size. Also covered will be growth of pickleball in the area and the need for more facilities.

Please note that it will be best if only Nick & Vicki and Lyle speak but please plan on attending the meeting and showing your support for pickleball in Reno, Sparks and Washoe County! Bring your paddle and wear your lucky pickleball shirt!

A link to the agenda can be accessed here: Notice of Meeting

  • Date:  Tuesday February 5th
  • Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
  • Location: McKinley Arts & Culture Center – 925 Riverside Drive in Reno

Hope to see a big contingent of players at the meeting!

Help Support More Courts in Truckee Meadows

Public input is needed for 2 different designs for Cyan Park in south Reno at 2121 Long Meadow Drive. Please take a minute to send a short email to City of Reno to support more courts!

The two designs for the park can be viewed here: Cyan Park Designs


There are two drawings on separate pages.
  • CONCEPT #1 – Four pickleball courts – Whoop whoop!
  • CONCEPT #2 – Two pickleball courts

People can email: attn: Jeff Mann – Parks Manager and please support CONCEPT #1 with 4 courts.

Final City of Reno approval will be in May with construction to begin in 2020. You can view a local news story about Cyan Park here. Please don’t try to go to the Open House. It was last Thursday, but you can still submit your input!

VOTE by emailing Jeff Mann – Parks Manager

Spice Up Your Warm Ups!

Think of how many different shots you use – or should use – during each and every pickleball game.

Dinks, drops, drives, volleys, blocks, lobs, overheads, and more.


Now, truth time here, how many times do you only dink for warm ups?

Well, Nicole Havlicek and Jordan Briones,  PrimeTime Pickleball, have the perfect warm up to get all your shots “primed” and ready for your next pickleball day.

Sure, you can warm up with 5 minutes of dinking. But why not actually practice a variety of shots? Variety is the spice of life!

Getting to Know TMPC Members – Kathy Johanson

HELLO, MY NAME IS Kathy Johanson.


I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL  in 1980 in Seattle but forgot about it until last year!

I LOVE PICKLEBALL BECAUSE  it doesn’t hurt my shoulder or foot (old tennis injuries), and it’s so fun!

MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE  teaching, mentoring, reading, writing, traveling, skiing, golfing, hiking and watching football.

I PLAY PICKLEBALL 4 days a week.

MY DREAM PICKLEBALL PARTNER IS   anyone that likes to laugh and have good competitive fun!

IN MY PREVIOUS/CURRENT LIFE  I was an Industrial Engineering Methods Analyst and Manager at Boeing 25 years, Landscape company owner, Project Management consultant, Winery co-owner, Medical Device company CEO, and I still am a college professor 18 years strong.

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT I’m a published author.

Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us, Kathy!

Let’s get to know all our members!  Share your info below:
 Getting to Know TMPC Members Form

TMPC Members Only January 18th 3.5 & 4.0+ Round Robin


Forty eight players took to the pickleball courts at Boys & Girls club for a members only round robin. Thirty six 3.5 players were split into three groups of 12 and twelve 4.0+ players played from 9:30 to 1:00. Each player played a total of six games and had three byes.

Big thanks to all the players and volunteers for this fun event!

And the winners are —- hover and then click on the images below to find out the winners.  Players, if the results posted are messed up, please contact Carol Amos asap. She can’t remember #%@ and had to try and read the certificates from the images to recreate the results.


More events are coming soon with fun and different formats. Please check out our events page for more info.

Reno Tahoe Senior Games – Support PB in Truckee Meadows!

Did you know that the City of Reno’s uses participation numbers and revenue from the Reno Tahoe Senior Games to allocate funds, staffing, and facility usage?


That is just one of many good reasons to support the City of Reno and make pickleball once again the sport with the biggest participation numbers. Bragging rights and current and future courts are on the line!


Please sign up for the Reno Tahoe Senior Games! Let’s thank the City of Reno for helping Truckee Meadows Pickleball grow and keep growing.


Registration is open for the 2019 Winter Reno Tahoe Senior Games through January 28th. Grab a partner or two! You may register online through this link or you may print out the registration packet here and register in person at Neil Road Recreation Center or Evelyn Mount Recreation Center.



Washoe County Schools are back in session Monday January 14th, so dust off your paddles and get ready to PLAY PICKLEBALL! Click on link below for days and times for indoor play around the Truckee Meadows.


Classes are offered by the City of Reno and are highly recommended!  Great for new players or players needing a tune up. Preregistration is required. Classes for the upcoming few months are listed on the link below.

City of Reno Pickleball Classes


Getting to Know TMPC Members – Sheri Barainca

HELLO, MY NAME IS Sheri Barainca.  

I HAVE BEEN A TMPC MEMBER for about 2 years I think.

I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL  from my parents Randy and Barbara Plymell who learned it in Phoenixa about 10 years ago. I thought it sounded like a weird thing for old people to do. Then I tried it a a campground and we played all week long. .

I LOVE PICKLEBALL BECAUSE it’s soooooooo fun. It makes me laugh and run around for exercise (and hitting a good shot is really satisfying).

MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE  I used to be a good golfer but my game has tanked since I spend all my free time playing pickleball now 🙂 .

I PLAY PICKLEBALL 3 times a week.

MY DREAM PICKLEBALL PARTNER IS  someone who is as addicted to it as me and is competitive but doesn’t get mad at my mistakes.

IN MY LIFE AWAY FROM THE PICKLEBALL COURTS I am a CHIROPRACTOR. I have been practicing Chiropractic at Reno Family Chiropractic since 1998!

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT the word for a female Chiropractor is Chiropractrix.

Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us, Sheri!

Let’s get to know all our members!  Share your info below:
 Getting to Know TMPC Members Form

Getting to Know TMPC Members – Nick Sharp

HELLO, MY NAME IS Nick Sharp.  

I HAVE BEEN A TMPC MEMBER since the Club started.

I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL  when we lived in Grand Junction, CO.

I LOVE PICKLEBALL BECAUSE  it helps me meet new people & stay involved competitive athletics.

MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE  golf, skiing & collecting antique firearms.

I PLAY PICKLEBALL as often as I can when I am healthy.

MY DREAM PICKLEBALL PARTNER IS  anyone who will play “textbook” tournament pickleball!

IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE I WAS  UPS driver in Steamboat Springs, CO & part-time professional hunting guide!

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT I have a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us, Nick!

Let’s get to know all our members!  Share your info below:
 Getting to Know TMPC Members Form

3.5+ Round Robin January 18th Update January 2nd



TMPC’s next members only event will be Friday January 18th at Boys and Girls Club.

If you are a 3.5 player and would like to play, please register here: January 18th Round Robin

If you are on the list and need to drop, please send an email to TMPC

Thank you TMPC Members!

More events – including some weekend events – will be coming soon!