Getting to Know TMPC Members – Art Vogt

HELLO, MY NAME Art Vogel.IMG_3176


I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL while eating pickles.


MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE RWR, Half marathons slowly, having fun..



IN MY PREVIOUS (OR CURRENT) LIFE I WAS (AM) The Net & State Psychologist.



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Getting to Know TMPC Members – Wade Johnson

HELLO, MY NAME IS Wade  Johnson.
I HAVE BEEN A TMPC MEMBER since it started.
I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL at the Reno Sr Games several years ago.
I LOVE PICKLEBALL BECAUSE  of the exercise,  social aspects, competitiveness, and the chance to play in tournaments and meet new people.
MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE before pickleball I used to post over 100 rounds of golf every year, ski over 60 days each winter, and play on 5 different USTA tennis teams each season.  Now my other hobby is visiting National Parks with my wife Denise.
MY DREAM PICKLEBALL PARTNER IS whoever will take me since Scott Moore turned me down.
IN MY PREVIOUS (OR CURRENT) LIFE I WAS (AM) the district manager and marketing manager for a large steel company in the Midwest.
MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT  I have been helicopter skiing several times.

Fantastic World Team Pickleball Incline Open Wrap-up

Last Saturday, up at the gorgeous pickleball courts at Incline Village Tennis Center, 53 enthusiastic pickleball players came together to play some really amazing pickleball games and stayed on the court for hours.

You can read more about the event and see pictures at courtesy of Matt Juskiewicz.

More pictures from this fun event are on the Gallery Page here on our website.  Gallery

Big thanks to CJ Johnson from Incline Village, Matt Juskiewicz and ALL THE PLAYERS! You all made this event so much fun!

Pictured below are Matt Juskiewicz, CJ Johnson, Brian Johnson, and Reto Gross. Reto played the morning session and volunteered to stay and play the afternoon session. So, what does Reto do after 9 solid hours of pickleball? He puts together some pickup games! Gotta love pickleball peeps!




Getting to Know TMPC Members – Vicki Sharp

HELLO, MY NAME IS Vicki Sharp.

I HAVE BEEN A TMPC MEMBER since the inception of the club and was one of the first board members.

I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL  when visiting friends in St. George, Utah.

I LOVE PICKLEBALL BECAUSE I love the exercise, quickness and speed of the game, camaraderie and the competition!

MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE I used to play golf, tennis, hike and ski, but now play too much pickleball!

I PLAY PICKLEBALL AT LEAST 4-5 teams per week and travel/play in tournaments.

MY DREAM PICKLEBALL PARTNER is ….. Great question! I’ll have to think about that!

IN MY PREVIOUS LIFE I WAS a mom, high school music teacher, volleyball coach, private piano instructor/performer as well as an adjunct faculty music instructor in Steamboat Springs, CO.

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT I’m a classically trained pianist!


TMPC Fall Social this Friday and More!

Dear TMPC Members and Non  Members,

Please come to the first TMPC Members Only Event of the year.

  • Friday September 14th – Boys & Girls Club on Foster Drive
  • Check in at 9 AM
  • All levels welcome to play from 9:30 to 1:30
  • Please bring a food item to share!

Did you read the latest post ( ) about the change of schedule regarding Drills & Skills through the City of Reno? Effective immediately, Drills and Skills will now be offered on the first Wednesday of each month only.

Just a quick note to let you know that all current members are now subscribed to receive all new posts on the website. You may choose to unsubscribe at any time, but please know that the club now uses our website to send out information.  If you do choose to unsubscribe, you will not receive email updates.

The former Reno Pickleball Facebook page has been renamed to Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club and can be “liked” here:

There are a few subscribers to our website who have not renewed their membership or joined Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club. Please join and support pickleball in our area! You may find the link to print out your membership form here: 

Thank you all and hope to see you on the courts soon!

Friday at the Social?

Carol Amos

TMPC Board Member


Drills and Skills Now First Wednesday of Each Month!

Effective immediately, Drills and Skills at Neil Road will now be the first Wednesday of each month.  There will not be any Drills and Skills the remainder of September.

Skills and Drills will resume on Wednesday October 3rd at Neil Road Rec Center from 4:45 to 6:45 PM and will continue each first Wednesday night of each month.

Cost is $1 per night payable at the door.

Laura Fenton Kovanda Clinic this Sunday at Incline

Yes, we all “know” how to play pickleball, just hit the ball over the net….

But do you understand why your shots are working or worse why they are not working? Want to know more and take your game to the next level?

Laura Fenton Kovanda has an extensive teaching background which included biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology, biophysics, sports psychology, neuroplasticity, nutrition and athletic training, not to mention teaching students “how” to teach basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, football, tennis, racquetball and pickleball.  When one learns to see mechanically what is creating the problem in a student’s swing, footwork, shot, serve, overhead, etc…, then they have the ability to correct it.  Anyone can see what a player did wrong, but do they know how to correct it and why?  This is one area Laura is quite well known for – fixing bad habits that have been created due to incorrect body mechanics/motor skills.

Being a professional athlete for 15 years with the U.S. Olympic Racquetball Team and managing her own sports academy, Laura brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the sports world.  Laura’s passion for the sport, league play, and tournaments helped her realize that pickleball was ready for something new.  Dedicated to the amazing sport of pickleball, Laura is coming to Incline Village to deliver a not-to-be-missed series of clinics.


Post-Tournament Clinic
Sunday, Sept 9

8:30 – 10:30 — Advanced Beginners 2.5/3.0
11:30 – 1:00 — Intermediate  3.5+

2 hours
16 people max

$35 per person with WTP Incline Open entry
$50 per person w/o WTP Incline Open entry

Register here:


End The Summer With a Smile – The Pickleball Song

By Greg Klinkel

Thank you, Greg, for a great song and great laughs! Be sure to watch until the end. Pickleball peeps – all about good friends and good times!

I met up with some friends; we shared a glass of wine
They asked me what I do, how I spend my time
I told ’em ’bout my grandkids, and most of all
I really love pickleball!

I told ’em ’bout the paddle, I told ’em ’bout the ball
I told ’em ’bout the lob and how you’re not supposed to fall
The scoring seemed confusing, and they asked me again
“Where does the pickle fit in?”

Pickleball, the fun never ends
The kind of game that you play with friends
No one says they’re sorry, and when the game ends
You switch it up and start all over again

You start out nice and easy with an underhand serve
You have to be ready for a deep return
Then things can get crazy, and you play it as it comes
Volleyin’ and dinkin’ till you’re done

Pickleball, the fun never ends
The kind of game that you play with friends
No one says they’re sorry, and when the game ends
You switch it up and start all over again

Now I’m a PB addict, and I play every day
My waking life is ruled in a pickleball way
Please don’t tell my grandkids that most of all
I really love pickleball!

Pickleball, the fun never ends
The kind of game that you play with friends
Please don’t tell my grandkids that most of all
I really love pickleball!
I really love pickleball!
Really, really, really
Really, really, really
I really love pickleball!

Words & Music Copyright © 2017 by Gregory D. Klinkel. All Rights Reserved.