Getting to Know TMPC Members – Carol Amos


I HAVE BEEN A TMPC MEMBER since the club was formed.

I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL through an obituary of an old boyfriend’s mom.

I LOVE PICKLEBALL BECAUSE it helps me get out of my head. It makes me laugh. I have met amazing people from all over the states and the world. And while I don’t have abs of steel or a six pack, PB has helped my balance, flexibility and made me an old lady athlete.

MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE anything outdoors! I walk out in the desert by our place daily with our dog, Greta, and love to get 4 to 5 miles in each morning. Husband Mike and I love to fish and get out into the hills. I also bird – it’s an action verb for me. I feed over 200 pounds of grape jelly each summer to Bullock’s Orioles. And I’m all about hummingbirds and love to feed them by hand.

I PLAY PICKLEBALL AT LEAST twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights. In Fallon, most of our players work during the day so we are lucky that the City of Fallon has permanently lined three courts for us in the back half of the community gym.

MY DREAM PICKLEBALL PARTNER IS my husband Mike if we can ever make it through a game without rolling our eyes at each other.

IN MY PREVIOUS (OR CURRENT) LIFE I WAS (AM) a food service worker (two days!), bank teller (I loved counting money), database manager for high school in Fallon. And while I was working at the high school, I watched Law and Order all day long while I was working. Hooray for Hulu & Netflix!

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT I am a fierce advocate for mental illness. Mike and I have a daughter with a severe mental illness and she humbles and amazes me daily.


Let’s get to know all our members!

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