Please check back for more specific information which will be updated before each scheduled event.


More details on these events coming soon. We are coming up with some fun new ideas for events.

  • Wednesday February 27 – Musical Pickleball – Sign up now!
  • Wednesday March 20 – King and Queen of the Court
  • Wednesday April 24 – Club wide social celebrating April Pickleball Month
  • Wednesday May 29 – TBA

Here are some of the games we are planning for future events

Musical Pickleball – You are grouped with four similarly ranked other players for a round of 5 games. Each sequential game you will partner with another player in your group with one bye.  There will be two rounds of musical pickleball and depending on sign ups, you might have a totally different group each round. Eight games for each player. Games will be timed to music to keep everyone playing and playing and playing until the music stops. ♫ ♪ ♫ Sign up here!


King or Queen of Your Court – You are grouped with three similarly ranked other players to start. Games will be timed to keep you playing and playing. When the time is up, winners will move up to the next court and split. Losers will move down to the next court and split.  At least 10 games for each player. Who will be King or Queen of each Court?


Negative Pickleball – Each player keeps track of their own score however you don’t want to get points! You receive points from each unforced error you make.  With each unforced error and point you will put on a bead necklace to wear! This is one time you don’t want to be the prettiest and most bejeweled player on the court! Make a winner that can’t be returned by Superman or Superwoman? Take away one of your unforced error points and unload a bead necklace!


First three shots are dinks – Start this game right up at the non volley zone line. Serve cross court making sure your “serve” lands in the kitchen. The next two shots must also land in the kitchen. After that – player’s choice. Dink, lob, drive, smash, volley, whatever and play the point out.



If you have some ideas for future events, please drop us an email!

Coming soon starting March 9th, Saturday morning planned pickleball events in Fallon at the City County Gym. More details coming soon!



February 16th & 17th – Heart of the Treasure Valley Pickleball Championships 2019 – Boise, ID

May 3rd – 5th – Boise Pickle-Jam Jamboree – Boise, ID


May 16th – 19th – 3rd Annual Sunrise Spring Smash at Rusch Park – Citrus Heights, CA


June 7th – 9th  –  Sonoma Wine Country Games – Santa Rosa, CA



June 28th – 30th  –  Firecracker Frenzy Round Robin – Rocklin, CA

June 29th-30th  –  Best of the West Super Senior Pickleball Championship – Concord, CA

July 25th – 28th –  Golden State Championships – Concord, CA