Clean Up Day at Hidden Valley Regional Park

From Board Member Vicki Sharp to volunteers:

Sheridan Tinker, Paul Kocher, Bruce Burkham, Teena Parduhn, Joan Deputy, Betty Gaines, Josh & Susan Hilden, George Leezy,Karen Bruner, Jim & Caroline Rich, Brian Fairchild, Michael Ryan, Susie Gordon, Carol Amos, Jeff Partyka, Sue Ernhout, Kerry Barnes, Nick & Vicki Sharp

“I can’t thank you enough for your efforts on Saturday, Oct. 24th during the Hidden Valley Park cleanup day on behalf of the Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club.

Everyone worked very hard cleaning up leaves, tumble mustard, horse manure, trash and whatever needed freshened up!

Ranger John was so impressed with our group of workers and commented that we completed 46 hours of work that one ranger would have done.

We collected 36 bags of leaves and 60 bags of weeds and debris.

Thanks for making a difference!!!

From Bret Hartman
Park Ranger, Truckee River District

“Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club volunteers,
We are very impressed! Your work is really appreciated as we have quite the small crew. Not only do we appreciate the hours the club puts in, we appreciate the quality of work.
Thanks again!”
Bret Hartman
Park Ranger , Truckee River District
Washoe County Community Services Department
(775) 828-6659 (office)
(775) 828-6614 (fax)
6000 Bartley Ranch Rd., Reno, NV 89511

Matt Webber
Adopt-A-Spot Coordinator

“Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club,
On behalf of myself and Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB), I would like to thank all the TM Pickleball Club volunteers for donating your time and energy to make our region cleaner and more attractive for everyone. Your dedication is a testament to the high regard Truckee Meadows residents place in our community and your work is truly appreciated. Ranger John and Bret have been thoroughly impressed by your group’s efforts and are so happy to have you as an adopter to Hidden Valley Regional Park.
If you’d like to learn more about KTMB, our mission and programming, I encourage you to log onto our website and follow us on our social media platforms.

Our next community-wide volunteer effort will be KTMB’s Christmas Tree Recycling, signups will be live on November 23rd and I will send Vicki an email when they become available.”

Thanks again everyone,


Matt Webber
Adopt-A-Spot Coordinator
(o) 775-851-5185 – (c) 775-223-5901