City of Reno Activity Cards

City of Reno activity cards have been suspended since March 16th. When the City of Reno re-opens activities, cards will be reactivated without losing anything for the time City of Reno activities were suspended. For more information, please contact the City of Reno.

Notification from City of Reno 3/30/2020


Weekly Update – Sunday January 12

Hello TMPC Members!

This Friday’s Members Only Event Needs More Players!

Our TMPC Members Only event this Friday is a bit weak on entries.  Come join the fun! Check out the Bead Up Pickleball Event here.


Reno Senior Games – Changes in Dates and Sign Up
  • Be sure to sign up for the Reno Senior Games.
  • Recreational Divison will be at Neil Road Rec Center on January 29th – 31st.
  • Competitive Division will be at Boys & Girls Club  on February 11th – 14th.
  • Check out all the other sports you can participate in, too!
Events Page

The events page has been updated to include upcoming TMPC’s member only events and a fun tournament over the hill later this spring.

Tuesdays Tips – Mid Court Blocking and Play The Point Out

Third and final in a series of great videos with Simone Jardime on Block Volley Drills.

This week Simone Jardim and Eddie mix it up with volleys and mid court blocks into the kitchen. Then do the same but then play out the point.

Mid court block drill starts about 2/3’s of the way into the video. Remember this drill benefits both players. Not only do you benefit from working on your blocks, you will benefit from working on your drives and punches.

Click here to start the video right at  Mid Court Block Drills.

Try playing out the point with all these drills. Make a game of your drills and play against your drill partner to 5 points. Then change to another drill or mix up partners by going cross court or rotating.

Watch the full video below.

* Minimize your movement. * Out in front.  * Catch that ball out in front. * The less you do with the paddle the better. * Contact point out in front with that push. * Soft hands. *

TMPC Members Give Big on Warm Goodies Day

250+ Pieces of Clothing Donated!

Big thanks to all the members who came and played and donated warm clothing for kids at Boys & Girls Club at our Warm Goodies event today.

Big thanks to Judy Wasson for “womanning” the white board for a fun and efficient new way to keep the courts filled and players mixing it up! Sorry I didn’t get a picture of Judy with dry erase pen ready to fill in players.

And as always, thanks to the board members and all the members who stepped up to help run this fun event. TMPC has great members!

Thanks again members for another wonderful event.  Hope to see you on the courts soon!


Tuesday Tip – More on blocking

Second in a series of great videos on Simone Jardime on Block Volley Drills.

“Simone Jardim works with Eddie on his block volleys to teach him proper form and how to have soft hands. Here are some great drills for you to improve your ability to hit soft, consistent block volleys!”

This week mix it up with their volleys and dinks with DINK-DINK-HARD-BLOCK at the kitchen line and then soft blocks from mid court from drives.

While this video starts at the beginning of the drills, the DINK-DINK-HARD-BLOCK starts about 3 minutes in. After the D-D-H-B, one player moves to mid-court and works on soft blocks landing in the kitchen from being blasted with a hard ball.



Catch Up Time Again

Lots of news to catch up on……

Tuesday Night Pickleball at Neil Road Next Week

Kelly from City of Reno is giving the Neil Road gym to the pickleball players, Tuesday November 12th, 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Thanks Kelly!

November Warm Goodies Members Only Event is Wednesday 

All TMPC members are invited to a free members only event Wednesday November 13th at Boys & Girls Club. Please bring an item or two or three of warm clothing to donate to the kids at the Boys & Girls club. More information can be found here:

Last Tuesday’s Tip

Tuesday Tip email didn’t get sent out. (See desparate cry for web site help below!)  This is the first in a series of block volley drills from Simone Jardime.

Calling all volunteers!

Did you know that TMPC member Judy Wasson repairs the clubs’ nets when needed? Thank you Judy!

Would you like to volunteer at club events or just whenever and however needed? Please enter your information and choices here: TMPC Volunteers


WordPress Help? 

Carol Amos here. I am having some battles with WordPress and sending out emails on posts. All of a sudden, emails are not being sent out. Can someone help me. PLEASE!  If you can help, please email me through the club’s email: Email TMPC



Tuesday Tip – A Day Late

First a series of great videos on Simone Jardime on Block Volley Drills.

“Simone Jardim works with Eddie on his block volleys to teach him proper form and how to have soft hands. Here are some great drills for you to improve your ability to hit soft, consistent block volleys!”

While the whole 10 minute video is posted here, please consider bringing just the first two  drills into your warm up this week before adding more from this video. Each Tuesday, we will concentrate on a few of the drills from this video.  Today’s tips are shown in the video from the start to about three minutes in.

This week, please work on just the three variations of the  Two Touch Volley and then the Easy Volley drill.  These two drills end about 3 minutes into the video below.

Count how many times Simone says “OUT IN FRONT”! PB Mantra!


November Warm Goodies Event – Open to All Members

  • Our next Members Only event is coming up soon.
  • This will be a fun event with a new secret format for play .
  • Come check it out!

In the spirit of the season, TMPC will be holding a Kid’s Warm Clothing Drive with this. We hope our members will bring so we can help keep local kids warm this winter.

Please check out all the info here and register so we can plan accordingly. 


Monster Smash Results and More Pictures

Regency and TMPC split the proceeds from Saturday’s Monster Smash. Regency’s charity of choice was Save Lake Tahoe. TMPC’s split of the proceeds went towards the new courts at Mira Loma.

Dave and Tammy Burke Monster Smashing It Up!

Links to pictures from Monster Smash.

Results from Monster Smash  are below.

2.5 Results
Name  and Points
Dave Lash 64
David Molumby 60
Paula Paterson 55
Katie Quinn 54
Lisa Masten 51
Sharon Goodrich 50
Bobbie Terai 44
Darla Smyth 40

3.0 Results
Name and Points
Timothy Attoe 66
Bob Basso 61
Kenneth Grey 59
Kenneth Leak 59
Carol Lytle 58
Jim Lake 58
Paula Cobb 56
Chip Chadwick 54
Teresa Calizzi 53
David Luscavage 51
Steve Urbani 50
Betsy Cooksey 49
Marsha Ross 48
Jim Gaebe 44
Joyce King 42
Judith Wasson 40
Jackie Thomas 39
MaryAnn Gaebe 39
Claudia Sharenbrock 36
Susan Wharam 36
Maggie Abbett 30
Lauren Greenwood 29
George Leezy 27

*3.0 Medal Round Robin 5 pt playoff
1st Tim Attoe
1st Kenneth Leak
3rd Bob Basso

3.0 Results
Name and Points
James MacInnes 63
Austin Boyd 62
John Gibbs 62
Paul Steinberg 62
Randy Plymell 58
John Garfinkle 56
Rick Mcdermid 54
Kerry Barnes 53
Mike Gray 53
James Bailey 52
Meri West 51
Allan Walker 46
Kathy Washburn 46
Rick Rucker 46
Cathy Fitzgerald 45
Ginger McDowell 45
Paula Tlachac 45
Karen Bowman 41
Beth Plassman 38
Sandy McConnell 38
Sarah Waters 35
Becky Chrisman 32
Betty Gaines 27

4.0 Results
Name and Points
David Stultz 60
Steven McClung 60
Susan Volinkaty 58
Becky Privitt 56
Lori Cramer 55
Sheri Barainca 53
Tom Abbett 53
Dave Burke 51
Cathie Barbato 49
Mike Folster 46
Tammy Burke 43
Paul Clifton 38