Board of Directors Offices Filled *Except* for Hot Potato

Your TMPC Board of Directors met Tuesday June 16th at Hidden Valley to thank retiring board members and welcome and introduce new board members.

Offices and duties for this next year’s board members were chosen except for one

Big thank yous to Carol Amos (Web and Membership), Cathie Barbato (Treasurer), and Netto Montoya (Sparks Liaison and Social Director).

Welcome to new board members Bob  Basso and Jeanne Vernon.

And welcome back to returning board members Lyle Mason, Paul Ricciardi and Vicki Sharp  who have all been on the board previously.

New officer positions and other board member duties for the 2020 – 2021 Membership Year:

  • President – Joe Burfield
  • Vice President – Paul Kocher
  • Secretary – Karen Wallis
  • Treasurer – Jeanne Vernon
  • City of Reno Liaison – Paul Ricciardi
  • City of Sparks Liaison – Lyle Mason
  • Events Co-Directors – Sheri Barainca & Vicki Sharp
  • Membership – Bob Basso
  • Web Person(s) – member volunteers needed


TMPC Board extends requests and invitations for any members to volunteer to update the TMPC web page. Training and ongoing assistance will be provided by outgoing web gal Carol Amos.

  • Don’t want to tackle this on your own?
  • Share duties with a hot potato friend or two! 


For more info, please contact any board member or email TMPC as soon as possible.

  • It is managed through WordPress.
  • Is easier than you think!
  • Plus, board members have promised that they will provide content regularly.

Email: TruckeeMeadowsPickleballClub


Meet Your Five New Board of Directors

Congratulations to the five newly elected board members who will begin their two year terms on July 1st with an introductory Welcome to the Board Meeting this Tuesday June 16th at 10 am at Hidden Valley Regional Park.

Members are welcome at all meetings and agendas can always be accessed here:

Your five newly elected board members are below in alphabetical order.

Bob Basso  Bob Basso   Lyle Mason  Lyle Mason

Paul Ricciardi  Paul Ricciardi Vicki Sharp  Vicki Sharp

Jeanne Vernon  Jeanne Vernon

Thanks to all who volunteered to run for the board. You are appreciated and marvelous!

Online Voting Closed. Paper Ballots accepted Friday.

Updated - 6:30 pm on Thursday June 11th: 
124 Members have voted online! 
91 Members have renewed. 
6 New members have joined for next year.

Current members can check online to see if they have voted and if they are renewed for next year!

  • ONLINE VOTING is now closed.
  • Votes accepted Friday 6-7 pm at Hidden Valley. 

IN PERSON PAPER BALLOT VOTING – Members who haven’t voted online may vote by paper ballot at Hidden Valley Park on Friday June 12th from 6 – 7 pm. Bring your prefilled paper ballot or we will have extra paper ballots ready for members.

Membership Renewals

Have you renewed for the 2020 – 2021 TMPC Membership year? Please check the TMPC Membership Directory to make sure you have renewed your membership.

You may renew your membership online or mail a membership form in to TMPC.



Updates for June 7th

Updated - 8:30 am on Wednesday June 10th:
96 Members have voted online!
73 Members have renewed.
6 New members have joined for next year.
Neil Road Rec Center & MAC in Carson reopen!

Some inside pickleball facilities are re-opening for Phase 2. Please check your favorite facility on our Indoor Courts.

Voting for Board of Directors Ends Friday June 12th
  • Online Voting for Board of Directors open until 9:00 pm Thursday June 11th. Current year members (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020)  can vote here: ONLINE VOTING
  • Paper Ballot voting Friday June 12 from 6 – 7 pm at Hidden Valley Park. 
Membership Renewals and New Members

TMPC’s membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. To maintain membership or become a new member, please complete a membership form and pay for your membership. Thank you for your MEMBERSHIP!


Membership Renewals

Thanks to all our members and supporters. Our membership year runs July 1st through June 30th. Our current membership year ends on June 30, 2020.

So…it’s renewal time!

Please renew your membership as soon as possible. You may renew online or you may print out a paper application and mail it in.  And you may pay your $25 annual membership fee online or mail in a check.

Please check yourself out first!

It is very helpful to us if current members can review their directory information (phone number, email, emergency contacts) on the Membership Directory to see if changes are needed. The current club password to access the Membership Directory has been emailed to current members.

Find out all the membership details on the link below.

Get To Know Your Nominees for Board of Directors

Thank you to the six members who have volunteered to run for the five openings on your TMPC Board of Directors.

Here’s the scoop on the election.
  • Members may vote online OR they may vote by paper ballot.
  • Members must submit their membership number with their votes – online and paper ballots.
  • You can find your membership number in the TMPC Member Directory. The club password has been emailed to current members.
  • Online voting will start on Friday June 5th and be closed early on Friday June 12th.
  • All current members will receive information regarding online voting in an email Thursday June 4th.
  • Members may vote by paper ballot at Hidden Valley Regional Park on Friday June 12th from 6 – 7 pm.
  • A paper ballot form will be available for all members to print out themselves and will be available at Hidden Valley on Friday June 12th.

Pick your favorite five.

Only five openings need to be filled.

Updates on Outside Play – Only 10 Players Per Facility!

TMPC Board Member Paul Ricciardi has received updates from Washoe County Parks Department.

State of Nevada is still in Phase ZERO and groups of 10 or more people MAY NOT gather in one area.

So, if you see 10 players at the courts, keep on driving to find another court!

This is 10 players at per facility not per court!

Hidden Valley does not have PB nets up because players broke into the courts and played before the ban was lifted.  NOT GOOD! Washoe County Parks removed the nets. It’s now open for 10 players but bring a net.

Plumas Courts are open to limited play. Please call them directly to verify their limited play availability.

If the Social Distancing recommendations are not  followed, the City and County will shut the courts down again. Please be a good citizen!



The current Nevada statewide social distancing measures for COVID-19 are expected to continue into
Phase 1 and will be subject to review as the State transitions into future phases. These measures include but are not limited to the following:

  • For communities and individuals:
    • If you must go out, wear a face covering.
    • Keep at least six feet between yourself and others, whenever possible.
    No gatherings of 10 or more people.





Outdoor Pickleball Allowed to Start Friday May 1st

From Nevada Sports Net

“Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak extended the state’s stay-at-home orders Wednesday but eased restrictions for some local recreation sporting events beginning Friday.

The new directive eases restrictions on outdoor activities, including golf, pickleball and tennis, if they are played in a way that prevents the spread of COVID-19.”

Per City of Reno, outside area courts will start opening up Friday May 1st. Please be patient with City, County and State employees as changes may take some time to be completed.

Pickleball is back!

Most of Swag Is In!

Hooray to TMPC Board Member Paul Kocher for organizing this fundraiser and getting us all looking good on the courts!


Most of the TMPC  swag is in and ready for pick up.

  • Pick up can be done this Monday, April 13 at Boys & Girls Club from 11 am to noon.
  • Please email Paul Kocher that you are coming this Monday to pick up your swag. 
  • If members are unable to meet Paul on Monday, he have it at the Hidden Valley TMPC Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday May 5th at 10:00 am.  This meeting is dependent on social distancing being lifted by the governor.