Tuesday Tips – February 25th

5 Most Common Pickleball Return Mistakes & How To Fix Them

From PrimeTime Pickleball – Are your pickleball returns weak at times? If so, you could be making one of these 5 common mistakes. Learn what they are and how to fix them…

Hitting a good return is crucial and will be a huge determining factor in winning or losing the point. In order to get back on serve as quickly and possible you must hit strong returns in order to get up to the NVZ line first and gain control of the point. In this video we break down the top 5 most common mistakes we see when players are returning.

Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Advanced

This is the third and final in a series from Joe Baker on wall drills.

Advanced Drills
  1. Forehand and backhand and alternating forehand and backhand machine gun speed volley shots
  2. Backhand backspin volleys
  3. Backhand topspin volleys
  4. Backhand left and right sidespin volleys (sawing motion)
  5. Alternating forehand and backhand side spin shots (paintbrush motion)
  6. Taking speed off the ball
  7. Volley to surprise lobThird shot drop shots into the kitchen
  8. Disguised lobs when dinking
  9. Disguised body shots when dinking
  10. Sharp angle shots when dinking
  11. Fake overhead smash shots

While the whole video is embedded below, here is a link to start the video right at the beginning of advanced drills at about 6:40 in the video: Advanced Wall Drills

Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Intermediates

This is the second in a series from Joe Baker on wall drills.

Intermediate wall drills will cover:
  1. Alternating forehand and backhand ground strokes imparting spin.
  2. Short hop shots to the feet.
  3. Forehand and backhand drop shots
  4. Forehand only dink shots steering the ball left and right
  5. Backhand only dink shots steering the ball left and right
  6. Alternating forehand and backhand dink shots steering the ball left and right
  7. Forehand only volley shots steering the ball left and right
  8. Backhand only volley shots steering the ball left and right
  9. Alternating forehand and backhand volley shots steering the ball left and right
  10. Forehand and backhand lob shots

While the whole video is embedded below, here is a link to start the video right at the beginning of intermediate drills which end about 6:40 in the video: Intermediate Wall Drills

Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Beginners

With indoor play comes opportunity for wall work. Joe Baker made a number of videos on backboard wall drills in 2016. Over the next few Tuesdays, the tips will show wall work drills for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players.

Today’s video focuses on Beginner Drills and runs to about 3:30 in the video.

  1. Forehand and backhand ground strokes
  2. Alternating forehand and backhand ground strokes
  3. Serves
  4. Forehand and backhand volley shots
  5.  Alternating forehand and backhand volley shots, increasing speed and distance as your skill improves.

You can also do a lot of these drills at home using the foam golf balls shown in http://truckeemeadowspickleballclub.org/tuesday-tip-reaction-time-helps/.

Tuesday Tip – Reaction Time Helps

“Pickleball requires great reflexes! In this video, Third Shot Pickleball coach Mark Renneson demonstrates a variety of exercises you can do to improve your reaction time.”

 Many of these drills can be done indoors this winter with foam golf balls that won’t damage your walls or make noise. And amazingly enough, they react to your paddle very much like a regular pickleball!

These little foam balls can be purchased at many stores. I got a bucket of different colored balls at WalMart and we use them in Fallon for wall drills and sometimes warming up. After warming up with these little balls, a regular size pickleball will seem like you are playing with a canteloupe!

Weekly Update – Monday December 9

Weekly Clinics!

Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club was initially built off of weekly clinics that both introduced the game to new people and helped people become better players quickly so the games became much more fun.

Find out more about TMPC Weekly Clinics here!

TMPC Annual Members Banquet

Save the date and RSVP for the TMPC Annual Members Banquet which will be Saturday January 4th.  Delicious Italian food will be featured this year and we will have a resolution board and karaoke!

All members are invited at no cost! Guests are always welcome but will be asked to pay $15 prior to the event to cover part of the food costs.

RSVP by Saturday December 28th so we can have a plate ready for you!

By Laws Review

Did you know that TMPC has been an organized club for four years. The original By Laws were voted on July 20, 2015.

Recently, your board has received input from some board members and members of a few laws that perhaps could be updated with approval.

We are asking each TMPC member to review the current by laws and suggest any changes that would benefit the club and it’s members.

A couple of suggestions received so far include:

  • Allow multi year memberships (at a discount or not?)
  • Twelve month memberships starting on date of membership and not run July 1 to June 30.
  • Change the second degree of consanguinity  to first degree of cosanguinity for board members.
  • Online voting for board positions rather than mandatory attendance for general elections.

If you have suggestions for By Laws changes, please submit them by emailing the club here:  TruckeeMeadowsPickleballClub


Tuesdays Tips – Mid Court Blocking and Play The Point Out

Third and final in a series of great videos with Simone Jardime on Block Volley Drills.

This week Simone Jardim and Eddie mix it up with volleys and mid court blocks into the kitchen. Then do the same but then play out the point.

Mid court block drill starts about 2/3’s of the way into the video. Remember this drill benefits both players. Not only do you benefit from working on your blocks, you will benefit from working on your drives and punches.

Click here to start the video right at  Mid Court Block Drills.

Try playing out the point with all these drills. Make a game of your drills and play against your drill partner to 5 points. Then change to another drill or mix up partners by going cross court or rotating.

Watch the full video below.

* Minimize your movement. * Out in front.  * Catch that ball out in front. * The less you do with the paddle the better. * Contact point out in front with that push. * Soft hands. *

Tuesday Tip – More on blocking

Second in a series of great videos on Simone Jardime on Block Volley Drills.

“Simone Jardim works with Eddie on his block volleys to teach him proper form and how to have soft hands. Here are some great drills for you to improve your ability to hit soft, consistent block volleys!”

This week mix it up with their volleys and dinks with DINK-DINK-HARD-BLOCK at the kitchen line and then soft blocks from mid court from drives.

While this video starts at the beginning of the drills, the DINK-DINK-HARD-BLOCK starts about 3 minutes in. After the D-D-H-B, one player moves to mid-court and works on soft blocks landing in the kitchen from being blasted with a hard ball.



Catch Up Time Again

Lots of news to catch up on……

Tuesday Night Pickleball at Neil Road Next Week

Kelly from City of Reno is giving the Neil Road gym to the pickleball players, Tuesday November 12th, 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Thanks Kelly!

November Warm Goodies Members Only Event is Wednesday 

All TMPC members are invited to a free members only event Wednesday November 13th at Boys & Girls Club. Please bring an item or two or three of warm clothing to donate to the kids at the Boys & Girls club. More information can be found here: http://truckeemeadowspickleballclub.org/november-warm-goodies-drive/

Last Tuesday’s Tip

Tuesday Tip email didn’t get sent out. (See desparate cry for web site help below!)  This is the first in a series of block volley drills from Simone Jardime.   http://truckeemeadowspickleballclub.org/tuesday-tip-a-day-late/

Calling all volunteers!

Did you know that TMPC member Judy Wasson repairs the clubs’ nets when needed? Thank you Judy!

Would you like to volunteer at club events or just whenever and however needed? Please enter your information and choices here: TMPC Volunteers


WordPress Help? 

Carol Amos here. I am having some battles with WordPress and sending out emails on posts. All of a sudden, emails are not being sent out. Can someone help me. PLEASE!  If you can help, please email me through the club’s email: Email TMPC