Tuesday Tip – More on blocking

Second in a series of great videos on Simone Jardime on Block Volley Drills.

“Simone Jardim works with Eddie on his block volleys to teach him proper form and how to have soft hands. Here are some great drills for you to improve your ability to hit soft, consistent block volleys!”

This week mix it up with their volleys and dinks with DINK-DINK-HARD-BLOCK at the kitchen line and then soft blocks from mid court from drives.

While this video starts at the beginning of the drills, the DINK-DINK-HARD-BLOCK starts about 3 minutes in. After the D-D-H-B, one player moves to mid-court and works on soft blocks landing in the kitchen from being blasted with a hard ball.



Catch Up Time Again

Lots of news to catch up on……

Tuesday Night Pickleball at Neil Road Next Week

Kelly from City of Reno is giving the Neil Road gym to the pickleball players, Tuesday November 12th, 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Thanks Kelly!

November Warm Goodies Members Only Event is Wednesday 

All TMPC members are invited to a free members only event Wednesday November 13th at Boys & Girls Club. Please bring an item or two or three of warm clothing to donate to the kids at the Boys & Girls club. More information can be found here: http://truckeemeadowspickleballclub.org/november-warm-goodies-drive/

Last Tuesday’s Tip

Tuesday Tip email didn’t get sent out. (See desparate cry for web site help below!)  This is the first in a series of block volley drills from Simone Jardime.   http://truckeemeadowspickleballclub.org/tuesday-tip-a-day-late/

Calling all volunteers!

Did you know that TMPC member Judy Wasson repairs the clubs’ nets when needed? Thank you Judy!

Would you like to volunteer at club events or just whenever and however needed? Please enter your information and choices here: TMPC Volunteers


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Tuesday Tip – A Day Late

First a series of great videos on Simone Jardime on Block Volley Drills.

“Simone Jardim works with Eddie on his block volleys to teach him proper form and how to have soft hands. Here are some great drills for you to improve your ability to hit soft, consistent block volleys!”

While the whole 10 minute video is posted here, please consider bringing just the first two  drills into your warm up this week before adding more from this video. Each Tuesday, we will concentrate on a few of the drills from this video.  Today’s tips are shown in the video from the start to about three minutes in.

This week, please work on just the three variations of the  Two Touch Volley and then the Easy Volley drill.  These two drills end about 3 minutes into the video below.

Count how many times Simone says “OUT IN FRONT”! PB Mantra!


Tuesday Tips – Pick a Spot

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make big differences. Today’s tip is from The Pickleball Channel.

“Our tip for you today seems so obvious and simple that it almost seems silly. But after talking to multiple pickleball pros and coaches, this skill is one that still needs to be acquired by a lot of players. Watch this quick tip today from Rusty Howes, the Executive Producer of Pickleball Channel, to learn how to make your shot more accurate by choosing to aim the ball.  This skill can help you stop being a reactive player, play more strategically, and start to win more points with better shots.  Watch today! If you want to see more helpful pickleball videos, visit http://www.pickleballchannel.com.”

Tuesday Tips – 5 Ways to Improve Your Game

Today’s tips are from US Open & USAPA Nationals Champion Glen Peterson via Pickleball Central.

“Pickleball 5.0 Pro and National Champion, Glen Peterson introduces 5 tips to make you a better pickleball player. Follow these tips and you will have more fun playing pickleball. These tips will get you to longer pickleball rallys and more wins. Some of the tips may surprise you with their simplicity. Glen made this video because he’s a student of the game and wants to share what he’s learned over the years of observing elite player succeed at matches. Get into the Pickleball Zone with these helpful tips from Glen.”

  • Tip #1 – Play it safe. “Let your opponents make the mistakes. You hit the ball consistently over the net.  Are you 80% sure you can make that shot?”
  • Tip #2 – Get to the kitchen. “As your opponents get ready to hit the ball – Red light stop. Green light go on your good shot.”
  • Tip #3 – Watch the ball. “See it all the way to your paddle. Watch it bounce and keep your head down as you hit the ball.”
  • Tip #4 – Fluid and compact strokes. “Try hitting with just your hand for a few shots so you can mimic that simple stroke without a paddle.”
  • Tip #5 – Smile!

Tuesday Tips – The Reset Shot-How to Control the Flight of the Ball

Today’s tip is third in a series from CJ Johnson of Incline Village. If you missed the first two tips of this series – Soft Hands & How to Get to the Net Fast – be sure to watch those first.

“To hit a successful Pickleball Reset Shot you need to control the flight of the ball. That sends the ball up, over the net and into the kitchen. How do you learn to open the paddle face without setting up a kill shot for your opponents? I like to teach a double dink and a double volley drill to help players learn to control the paddle face and the softness of the shot.”

Tuesday Tips – How To Get to the Net with Reset Shot

In the first of this series on resetting shots and making your way to the best part of the court – THE KITCHEN – CJ Johnson partners up with Laura Fenton Kovanda.

“Getting to the net fast is a basic pickleball strategy. But how do you do it without getting stuck in pickleball no man’s land? In this pickleball video, 4 time US Open Champion, Laura Fenton Kovonda shows us how to play smart pickleball and hit the reset shot from the transition zone. The reset shot or learning to reset the point from the transition zone is a basic pickleball doubles strategy. This pickleball tip will help you soften a hard hit shot to your feet or body so that your team can move to the non-volley zone.”

Tuesday Tips – Soft Hands

Today’s tip is the first in a series of related videos from CJ Johnson of Incline Village along with World Team Pickleball owner and multi US Open and USAPA Nationals Champion, Laura Fenton Kovanda of Surprise, Arizona.

Do you count more than your points? When you are warming up or doing drills, try counting how many consecutive shots you and your partner(s) can make. First shoot for 10 or more dinks or volleys in a row. Then go for 25. Then 50 in a row. What’s your highest number of shots in a row?

By doing cooperative drills and shots during warm ups, you are nailing muscle memory which is crucial to your pickleball game.

“Play a lot of “bangers”? Learning how to play pickleball usually involves the skill of taking pace off the ball. 3 Time US Open Gold Medalist Laura Fenton Kovanda shows us a pickleball drill to hit the ball softer.”

Tuesday Tips – Volley the Ball or Let it Bounce?

Ever feel like Shakespeare on the court asking yourself – “To bounce or not to bounce?”  Here’s how pro Rob Cassidy dinking with Jordan Briones of PrimeTime Pickleball answers that million dollar question.

“Not sure when to let the ball bounce and when to take it out of the air as a volley. Here’s a great way to know when to do what…

One of the questions that’s asked a lot in pickleball is when do I let the ball bounce and when do I volley it. It’s very important to know the difference because it can change the tempo of the point and have a big impact on the outcome. In this video, pro pickleball player and coach Rob Cassidy is going to show us a great way to figure out when it’s time to reach in for a volley dink and when it’s best to let the ball bounce and play a regular dink. You need both but picking the right one at the right time is key to playing winning pickleball.”

Tuesday Tips – Don’t Rush the Shot – Wait for the ^PEAK^

Wait for the ^PEAK^….. Watch for the ^PEAK^!

Today’s Tuesday Tip is brought to you from Tony Roig with In2Pickle.

“A quick tip about how to avoid this pickleball error. This error tends to happen during return of serve and during third shots; players will rush in towards the incoming ball. In addition to causing errors it actually makes the incoming shot faster. Let the ball peak and then strike it. You will reduce your errors and gain more control over your shots.”