Catching Up February 10th


TMPC March 10th 3.0 Round Robin at the MAC in Carson

Event will be held Tuesday March 10th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the MAC in Carson City on 6 courts and open for 36 players who are around the 3.0 skill level.

Fee is $20 payable prior to the event via the link above. Players must both register and pay to hold their spot in the event.

This event is open to TMPC members first and then, registration will be open to non members on March 1st, if not filled to 36 players.

Carson Chapter Fundraiser and Raffle Huge Success!

Carson City has now raised over $12,000 for their Mills Park Pickleball Project. Read all about it here! Congratulations to Carson City and to Ted and his sweetheart for winning the gorgeous necklace! And congrats to all who helped with these successful fundraisers!


Reno Senior Games held this week for the Competitive Division at the Boys & Girls Club on Foster Drive. 


  • Times
  • Doors open:       7:00 am
  • Check in:            7:30 am
  • Team Meeting:  8:00 am
  • Play starts:         8:15 am


  • Days
  • Women’s Doubles          Tuesday Feb 11
  • Mixed Doubles 3.5          Wednesday Feb 12
  • Mixed Doubles 4.0          Thursday Feb 13
  • Men’s Doubles                Friday Feb 14

TIPS – Use them or lose them?

For a while, the club posted weekly tips with videos. Did you find them useful and do you want weekly tips to continue? VOTE HERE

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