Needed – Board of Directors


Hello TMPC Members,

Club bylaws require that elections be held each June to fill Board of Directors terms that are expiring. This year the terms of Lyle Mason, Paula Cobb, Alan Clark, Liz Brown and Bruce Burkham will be expiring. Carol Amos, Cathie Barbato, Netto Montoya and Paul Ricciardi will remain on the Board for the second year of their term.

At this time it is not known which, if any, of these current Board members will run for re-election.

Club bylaws require that a nominating committee be formed in April in order to find qualified candidates for the election. This has been done and Paula Cobb, current Vice-President is serving as chair of this committee. Club bylaws require that the candidates be identified and their names published by the end of May.

Qualifications require that a person be willing to serve a two year term; that the person be a year round resident of the Truckee Meadows and that the person not be related to any other member serving on the Board at the same time.

Time commitment for most board members is a monthly meeting of about 90 minutes plus a bit of extra work behind the scenes and attendance at monthly member only events if possible.

The way our process works is that the general membership elects the Board of Directors and then the Board of Directors decides who will hold specific positions such as President, etc.

The nominating process is simple. You can nominate yourself or you can nominate another person. If you nominate another person, please check with them to be sure they are willing to be a candidate.

On election day each candidate will have time to address the membership and explain why they would like to be on the Board.

The date, time and place of the election is yet to be determined. You will be notified in the near future.

For now, the important thing is to send your nominations to:

Thank you for your consideration of this important process.

TMPC Board of Directors