Board Info

4 New Board Members to be elected on June 12th, 2020

Board members serve a two year term and four board members have terms ending on June 30th, 2020.  Retiring board members are Carol Amos, Cathie Barbato, Netto Montoya, and Paul Ricciardi.

Positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.) are elected by the new board each July after new board members are installed.

Members in active standing will be able to vote in person at the meeting or online prior to the meeting. (Updated 3/3/2020.)

Board Member Candidates – Four openings

Bob Basso  –  Karen Bowman  –  Joyce King  –  Jeanne Vernon


The Annual Membership meeting with board of director elections will be held June 12th. Four new board of directors will be elected by members to serve with the remaining five board members who will be continuing into next year to complete their two year terms.

In preparation for the board of director elections and in accordance to TMPC By Laws, a nominating committee is being formed to recruit members to be board member candidates.

If you would like to be on the nominating committee and/or be a board member candidate please contact any board member or email the club here: Email: TruckeeMeadowsPickleballClub

Nominating Committee Members

Bob Basso  –  Paula Cobb  –  Cathie Fitzgerald  –  Paul Kocher

Nicholas St Jon  –   Karen Wallis

Board Member Candidates – Four openings

Bob Basso  –  Karen Bowman  –  Joyce King  –  Jeanne Vernon

2019 – 2020 TMPC Officers

  • President – Joe Burfield
  • Vice President – Paul Kocher
  • Secretary – Karen Wallis
  • Treasurer – Cathie Barbato
  • City of Reno Liasson – Paul Ricciardi
  • City of Sparks Liasson – Netto Montoya
  • Membership Chairperson – Nicholas St Jon
  • Member Events – Sheri Barainca
  • Social Chairperson – Netto Montoya
  • Webmaster – Carol Amos

To contact any or all of the current board members, please email: TruckeeMeadowsPickleballClub

TMPC Bylaws


TMPC Google Drive – Accessible to current TMPC Board Members only