Slow Your Game Down……

Top Three Reasons You Should Slow the Game Down

Which strategy is overlooked by many pickleball players?  Find out by watching this Pickleball Quick Tip as National Champion and top pickleball instructor, Marcin Rozpedski, gives 3 benefits to slowing down your game.

The benefits of the slow game are tangible and can make a difference in your level of play. Hear from Marcin as he gives some wise advice along with great visual examples of the slow game in action.


Remember – The longer your rally, the more court time you and your partners will have. And less time chasing balls down!


Guess who plays pickleball?

“We like to watch movies, we go out to movies together, we kayak together, we play a crazy game called pickleball,” Melinda Gates told CNBC.

105470381-melinda_gates_pickleball.1910x1000Similar to badminton or tennis, but played with paddles and a light plastic ball, pickleball is a favorite of suburbanites, and according to Melinda, of the Gates family.

“We are huge pickleball fans,” Gates says.

“In fact, one of the things that Bill was so excited to teach me when we first were dating was pickleball. His family took me out on the court and they taught me, it’s easier to pick up than tennis. He1’s more of a tennis player, but I play pickleball with him.”

Cyan Park Design Survey

Thanks to TMPC member Ralph Barbato for the scoop from the City of Reno Parks!


From the City of Reno: “The City of Reno is starting the public process to design the remainder of Cyan Park, located in Southeast Reno at Veterans Parkway and Long Meadow Drive.

Prior to developing possible concept plans, the City is seeking resident input on the types of improvements and features most desired by the surrounding neighborhoods.

Take our survey for Cyan Park today to share your input. Survey closes at noon on Monday, October 8, 2018.”


  • Pickleball is an option for what features you want at the park.
  • When you get to the where do you you live question,  I put in “Other” and noted that I travel to different areas of Reno frequently just for pickleball.

Take the survey here:

Are you listening?

Just a fun post for today. How many of you listen to pickleball podcasts?

All are free to listen to at any time. To listen to podcasts on your phone or tablet, you will need to download an app. Yep, there’s an app for that! Actually, there are a lot of apps for podcasts. I am happy with PocketCasts but there are many others for androids and Apple products.

Links to the podcasts are listed below.  Check them out and then vote!


Pickleball Show with Chris Allen

Pickleball Problems with Mark Renneson

The Pickleball 5.0 Podcast with Phil Ladden

The Pickleball Guru’s Podcast with Prem Carnot

Eddy and Webby – Beer, Tech and Pickleball

Getting to Know TMPC Members – Art Vogt

HELLO, MY NAME Art Vogel.IMG_3176


I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL while eating pickles.


MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE RWR, Half marathons slowly, having fun..



IN MY PREVIOUS (OR CURRENT) LIFE I WAS (AM) The Net & State Psychologist.



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Getting to Know TMPC Members – Wade Johnson

HELLO, MY NAME IS Wade  Johnson.
I HAVE BEEN A TMPC MEMBER since it started.
I FIRST HEARD ABOUT PICKLEBALL at the Reno Sr Games several years ago.
I LOVE PICKLEBALL BECAUSE  of the exercise,  social aspects, competitiveness, and the chance to play in tournaments and meet new people.
MY OTHER HOBBIES AND INTERESTS INCLUDE before pickleball I used to post over 100 rounds of golf every year, ski over 60 days each winter, and play on 5 different USTA tennis teams each season.  Now my other hobby is visiting National Parks with my wife Denise.
MY DREAM PICKLEBALL PARTNER IS whoever will take me since Scott Moore turned me down.
IN MY PREVIOUS (OR CURRENT) LIFE I WAS (AM) the district manager and marketing manager for a large steel company in the Midwest.
MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THAT  I have been helicopter skiing several times.

Fantastic World Team Pickleball Incline Open Wrap-up

Last Saturday, up at the gorgeous pickleball courts at Incline Village Tennis Center, 53 enthusiastic pickleball players came together to play some really amazing pickleball games and stayed on the court for hours.

You can read more about the event and see pictures at courtesy of Matt Juskiewicz.

More pictures from this fun event are on the Gallery Page here on our website.  Gallery

Big thanks to CJ Johnson from Incline Village, Matt Juskiewicz and ALL THE PLAYERS! You all made this event so much fun!

Pictured below are Matt Juskiewicz, CJ Johnson, Brian Johnson, and Reto Gross. Reto played the morning session and volunteered to stay and play the afternoon session. So, what does Reto do after 9 solid hours of pickleball? He puts together some pickup games! Gotta love pickleball peeps!