TMPC Board Elections 2021


Are you looking for something to do that is fun, rewarding, and promotes pickleball, the sport we all love? If so, we NEED YOU!!!

The two year positions held by Sheri Barainca, Karen Wallis, Joe Burfield and Paul Kocher have expired. A nominating committee has been formed and begun preparation for the June elections. Board members Paul Kocher, Lyle Mason and Karen Wallis along with Club members Paula Cobb and Chip Chadwick are the nominating committee members. WE NEED ONE MORE CLUB MEMBER to be on the committee. Karen Wallis is committee chair and contact. (Her contact info: 775-720-4366 or )

There will be four openings on the TMPC Board of Directors for ANYONE who might be interested in serving on the board. There are 9 board members who serve two year terms. The affairs of the Club are managed by the Board of Directors. Responsibilities include attending monthly meetings, promoting the sport, organizing events, community outreach, and maintain and communication with membership. Officers and Board of Directors positions are determined at the first meeting in June. Current Board Members who will continue their terms include: Jeanne Vernon (Treasurer), Vicki Sharp ( Social Director), Lyle Mason (Sparks City Liaison), Paul Ricciardi (Reno City/County Liaison) and Bob Basso( Membership). You will love working with them!

Please consider what you can add to the Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club by becoming a Board member.

The deadline for nominations is May 10 and all candidates’ names and short biographies will be posted on the Club website by May 20.

Voting will be open from May 20 to June 19. June 19 will be a social event along with opportunity for voting. Online and paper ballot voting will be conducted. We promise there will be no election fraud!!!


TMPC Competitors Fall 2020

TMPC club members shine on the medal stand!

Evelyn Mount Pickleball

Evelyn Mount will open for indoor Pickleball play October 12th. Schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. Reservations are necessary for sessions 9:00am to 11:30am and session 12:00 to 2:30pm. Format is similar to Neil Road Pickleball. Reservations can be made up to a week in advance. For reservations and further info call Evelyn Mount @ 334-2262.

Attention Pickleball Players

City of Reno Pickleball Rules and Guidelines Due to COVID-19 Measures

The ability to play pickleball during this phase of the reopening process is a privilege, not a right.

Any participant who does not follow all rules and regulations, or is abusive to staff, will be asked to leave the facility and be banned until all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

1. EMNECC (775-334-2262) and NRRC (775-689-8484) will be available for open gym Pickleball. This is subject to change at any time. Please call for additional information, reservations and current schedule.

2. Social Distancing will be in full effect.

3. A limit of 24 individuals will be allowed per session.

4. Sessions will be 2.5 hour blocks with time to sanitize in between sessions.

5. All games will be 4 on, 4 off. 

6. Sanitizer will be provided, the ball must be sanitized prior to each game.

7. All participants must be pre-registered with name and phone # to enter the facility. You may register yourself and others up to 1 week in advance.

8. Courts will be clearly numbered and assigned. Changing courts will not be permitted. 

9. All participants waiting must be seated in the designated location for the court they are assigned.

10. No high fives, hand shaking, or paddle bumps will be allowed. 

11. Participants must adhere to Social Distancing rules, regardless of sharing a household. 

 12. One warning will be given. Failure to adhere to rules will result in removal.

Anyone who is removed from the facility may not be able to return until all restrictions are lifted.

Truckee River Cleanup Day

TMPC club volunteers joined in a city-wide project for the Truckee River Clean-up day on Saturday, Sept. 26th,sponsored by Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.
Club members cleaned up weeds, walking paths, trash, etc. from Dorostkar Park.

Huge thanks to all of the volunteers!
Nick & Vicki Sharp
Karen Bruner
Rick & Kathy McDermid    
Paul & Mary Ann Ricciardi   
George Leezy
Teena Parduhn
Ralph & Cathie Barbato
Eric Delius
Sherri Elcano & Margo
Becky Privitt
Bob Basso
Kenneth Grey
Frank & Ingrid Tomlinson
Don & Lea Unruh
Carol Amos
Judith Wasson
Jim MacInnes
Ruby Paley
Susie Deller
Kimberly Monte
Steve & Liz Brown

Statistics from Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful Truckee River Clean-up Day:
433 Volunteers
20 sites
23,995 pounds of trash
21,360 pounds of invasive weeds
177 storm drains stenciled
350 plants planted
26 trees planted

TMPC Community Service Project

Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club has adopted Hidden
Valley Regional Park through KTMB (Keep Truckee
Meadows Beautiful) as a community service project.

The first cleanup day was held on August 17, 2020
with 25+ club volunteers. As per the park ranger, we cleaned
up the horse arena and stalls (at the top of the hill).

We also cleaned up leaves, etc. on and around the pickleball/tennis courts.
Everything looks amazing!

We will be organizing another work day in the fall, so if you missed
your chance this time, you will have another opportunity!
In return, a sign stating that Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club
has adopted that park will be placed at the park.

Thanks to all of the volunteers for working so hard on a warm day!
50 large bags of weeds, debris & leaves were collected!

New Pickleball Courts

Your TMPC at work

Bring your own nets!!!!!! Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club has painted PB lines on existing tennis courts at Mogul Park and Golden Valley Park. They are ready to go!

Huffaker Park is next on our list. Will keep you informed.

Thank you to Bob Deller and Sheri Barainca for donating the paint.

And a big thank you to our volunteers who donated their time and labor to complete these projects:

Steve and Liz Brown, Nick and Vicki Sharp, John Messing, Paul and Mary Ann Ricciardi, Lyle Mason, Bob Basso, Paul Kocher.