Spring Fling Registration Now Open

Carson City is thrilled to announce the opening of on line registration for their

Carson City Spring Fling 2020

Please click on the link above to be take to the Carson Valley Area Chapter page for all the information and link to the registration page in PickleballBrackets.com .

Great play, great cause and great fun!

This is a fundraising event. Carson City Parks and Recreation Department has generously donated the use of the facility. All proceeds will go to the Foundation for Carson City Parks and Recreation (FCCPR) Mills Park Pickleball Court Project. See courts *before* picture below.


Tuesday Tips – February 25th

5 Most Common Pickleball Return Mistakes & How To Fix Them

From PrimeTime Pickleball – Are your pickleball returns weak at times? If so, you could be making one of these 5 common mistakes. Learn what they are and how to fix them…

Hitting a good return is crucial and will be a huge determining factor in winning or losing the point. In order to get back on serve as quickly and possible you must hit strong returns in order to get up to the NVZ line first and gain control of the point. In this video we break down the top 5 most common mistakes we see when players are returning.

Updates Galore – Friday February 21st

Boys & Girls Club on Foster Drive closed next Tuesday 2/25 for school testing.

Please share this news to friends.

TMPC 3.0 Round Robin – Full!


A handful of spots remain. Now open to members AND non-members. A great time ahead for sure!


Calling all 3.0s! Truckee Meadows Pickleball Club Presents: 3.0 Round Robin * Individual Registration * *Lunch, Prizes, Friendly Competition! Limited to the first 36 registrants* (Proceeds will go to Mira Loma Courts Project.)



Fun tournament coming up in Carson City the first weekend of May.

Details to follow but read the heads up from Dave Whitefield, USAPA Ambassador for the Carson City area, on the Carson Valley Chapter page.

Proceeds will go towards converting courts at Mills Park! Work is already underway!

Board meeting coming up on Tuesday March 4th at Boys & Girls at 9:15 am. All members and non members are welcome to attend.

TMPC Board Meeting Agenda – 3/3/2020

Items to be discussed at this meeting include possible By Law changes.

  • Online voting for Board Members at end of June meeting.
  • Multi year memberships with discounts
  • Year long memberships from date of payment instead of current July 1 to June 30 members.
  • Recruitment for nominating committee for future board members to be elected at end of June meeting.

Catching Up February 10th


TMPC March 10th 3.0 Round Robin at the MAC in Carson

Event will be held Tuesday March 10th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the MAC in Carson City on 6 courts and open for 36 players who are around the 3.0 skill level.

Fee is $20 payable prior to the event via the link above. Players must both register and pay to hold their spot in the event.

This event is open to TMPC members first and then, registration will be open to non members on March 1st, if not filled to 36 players.

Carson Chapter Fundraiser and Raffle Huge Success!

Carson City has now raised over $12,000 for their Mills Park Pickleball Project. Read all about it here! Congratulations to Carson City and to Ted and his sweetheart for winning the gorgeous necklace! And congrats to all who helped with these successful fundraisers!


Reno Senior Games held this week for the Competitive Division at the Boys & Girls Club on Foster Drive. 


  • Times
  • Doors open:       7:00 am
  • Check in:            7:30 am
  • Team Meeting:  8:00 am
  • Play starts:         8:15 am


  • Days
  • Women’s Doubles          Tuesday Feb 11
  • Mixed Doubles 3.5          Wednesday Feb 12
  • Mixed Doubles 4.0          Thursday Feb 13
  • Men’s Doubles                Friday Feb 14

TIPS – Use them or lose them?

For a while, the club posted weekly tips with videos. Did you find them useful and do you want weekly tips to continue? VOTE HERE

Just when you want to hear MORE about voting.

Bead Up Pickleball gets players Beadazzled!

Over 50 players came and played at Boys & Girls Club on Friday January 17th to play Bead Up Pickleball. Thanks to all who came and played. Great sports, good play and lots of fun.

Yes, there were some interesting thoughts on what was an unforced error and what was a winner, but hopefully all had fun and learned to play shots that keep the ball in play!

Prizes of $5 gift certificates to Dairy Queen will be emailed to the female and male players with the lowest and highest average of beads per game.

Winners of lowest average of beads per game:

Cathy Fitzgerald & Pete Macall

Winners of highest average of beads per game:

Diane DeLauer & George Leezy

Scoresheet Link click here. Alpha by last name.


Weekly Update – Sunday January 12

Hello TMPC Members!

This Friday’s Members Only Event Needs More Players!

Our TMPC Members Only event this Friday is a bit weak on entries.  Come join the fun! Check out the Bead Up Pickleball Event here.


Reno Senior Games – Changes in Dates and Sign Up
  • Be sure to sign up for the Reno Senior Games.
  • Recreational Divison will be at Neil Road Rec Center on January 29th – 31st.
  • Competitive Division will be at Boys & Girls Club  on February 11th – 14th.
  • Check out all the other sports you can participate in, too!
Events Page

The events page has been updated to include upcoming TMPC’s member only events and a fun tournament over the hill later this spring.

Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Advanced

This is the third and final in a series from Joe Baker on wall drills.

Advanced Drills
  1. Forehand and backhand and alternating forehand and backhand machine gun speed volley shots
  2. Backhand backspin volleys
  3. Backhand topspin volleys
  4. Backhand left and right sidespin volleys (sawing motion)
  5. Alternating forehand and backhand side spin shots (paintbrush motion)
  6. Taking speed off the ball
  7. Volley to surprise lobThird shot drop shots into the kitchen
  8. Disguised lobs when dinking
  9. Disguised body shots when dinking
  10. Sharp angle shots when dinking
  11. Fake overhead smash shots

While the whole video is embedded below, here is a link to start the video right at the beginning of advanced drills at about 6:40 in the video: Advanced Wall Drills

Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Intermediates

This is the second in a series from Joe Baker on wall drills.

Intermediate wall drills will cover:
  1. Alternating forehand and backhand ground strokes imparting spin.
  2. Short hop shots to the feet.
  3. Forehand and backhand drop shots
  4. Forehand only dink shots steering the ball left and right
  5. Backhand only dink shots steering the ball left and right
  6. Alternating forehand and backhand dink shots steering the ball left and right
  7. Forehand only volley shots steering the ball left and right
  8. Backhand only volley shots steering the ball left and right
  9. Alternating forehand and backhand volley shots steering the ball left and right
  10. Forehand and backhand lob shots

While the whole video is embedded below, here is a link to start the video right at the beginning of intermediate drills which end about 6:40 in the video: Intermediate Wall Drills

Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Beginners

With indoor play comes opportunity for wall work. Joe Baker made a number of videos on backboard wall drills in 2016. Over the next few Tuesdays, the tips will show wall work drills for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players.

Today’s video focuses on Beginner Drills and runs to about 3:30 in the video.

  1. Forehand and backhand ground strokes
  2. Alternating forehand and backhand ground strokes
  3. Serves
  4. Forehand and backhand volley shots
  5.  Alternating forehand and backhand volley shots, increasing speed and distance as your skill improves.

You can also do a lot of these drills at home using the foam golf balls shown in http://truckeemeadowspickleballclub.org/tuesday-tip-reaction-time-helps/.

Tuesday Tip – Reaction Time Helps

“Pickleball requires great reflexes! In this video, Third Shot Pickleball coach Mark Renneson demonstrates a variety of exercises you can do to improve your reaction time.”

 Many of these drills can be done indoors this winter with foam golf balls that won’t damage your walls or make noise. And amazingly enough, they react to your paddle very much like a regular pickleball!

These little foam balls can be purchased at many stores. I got a bucket of different colored balls at WalMart and we use them in Fallon for wall drills and sometimes warming up. After warming up with these little balls, a regular size pickleball will seem like you are playing with a canteloupe!