Are you game for a clinic &/or lessons next weekend in Northern Nevada?

Renowned PB player and coach Laura Fenton Kovanda is coming to the Carson, Reno &/or Incline area to help you advance your PB game in northern Nevada on Thursday September 24th through Saturday September 26th. Are you game? Many options are available.

Play may be held in the Reno &/or Carson area.

Come for a two hour clinic one day, or gather up to seven friends and get a one or two day group lesson with 2.5 hours each day!

Options that will be available are below.

Please click the link below so Laura can plan this event and get registration open soon.

Northern Nevada Clinic &/or Private Lessons

Two Hour Clinic – $55 / person
Three Hour Clinic – $85 / person

One Day Camp – 5 hours with a break – $225 / person
Two Day Camp – 10 hours – includes video analysis & play with pros

Private Lesson – $85 / person – 1 person for 1 hour. Discount for 3 or more lessons.
Semi Private Lesson – $65 / person – 2 people for 1 hour
3 – and – a – Pro – $55 / person – 3 people for 1 hour
Group Lesson – $45 / person – 4 people for 1 hour

Max of 8 – $155 / person – Same skill level – 2.5 hours each day

Max of 8 – $255 / person – Same skill level – 2.5 hours each day

Local contact is Carol Amos.

Meet Your Five New Board of Directors

Congratulations to the five newly elected board members who will begin their two year terms on July 1st with an introductory Welcome to the Board Meeting this Tuesday June 16th at 10 am at Hidden Valley Regional Park.

Members are welcome at all meetings and agendas can always be accessed here:

Your five newly elected board members are below in alphabetical order.

Bob Basso  Bob Basso   Lyle Mason  Lyle Mason

Paul Ricciardi  Paul Ricciardi Vicki Sharp  Vicki Sharp

Jeanne Vernon  Jeanne Vernon

Thanks to all who volunteered to run for the board. You are appreciated and marvelous!

Tuesday Tips – March 10th

“Di’s Deadly Drops”

Picklepong Deb Harrison brings you – “Di’s Deadly Drops”. Di Bock shows Deb her sharp angle shots off high crosscourt balls from both forehand and backhand. Her goal is to redirect balls at sharp crosscourt angle and make ball bounce twice in NVZ. When correct ball is chosen and executed well it is almost impossible to get the ball back. This is Di’s version of the Nasty Nancy #1. As with any shot, drill and practice are essential for success.

Tuesday Tips – March 3rd

How to put away shots with a pickleball punch volley

From Pickleball Kitchen – Putting away a winner in pickleball is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. It feels so good! But many players make some common mistakes when it comes to put away shots or punch volleys. In this video, I talk to you about one of these put away shots, the punch volley. I will teach you how to do it, and what to look out for!

Tuesday Tips – February 25th

5 Most Common Pickleball Return Mistakes & How To Fix Them

From PrimeTime Pickleball – Are your pickleball returns weak at times? If so, you could be making one of these 5 common mistakes. Learn what they are and how to fix them…

Hitting a good return is crucial and will be a huge determining factor in winning or losing the point. In order to get back on serve as quickly and possible you must hit strong returns in order to get up to the NVZ line first and gain control of the point. In this video we break down the top 5 most common mistakes we see when players are returning.

Tuesday Tip – Backboard Wall Drills for Advanced

This is the third and final in a series from Joe Baker on wall drills.

Advanced Drills
  1. Forehand and backhand and alternating forehand and backhand machine gun speed volley shots
  2. Backhand backspin volleys
  3. Backhand topspin volleys
  4. Backhand left and right sidespin volleys (sawing motion)
  5. Alternating forehand and backhand side spin shots (paintbrush motion)
  6. Taking speed off the ball
  7. Volley to surprise lobThird shot drop shots into the kitchen
  8. Disguised lobs when dinking
  9. Disguised body shots when dinking
  10. Sharp angle shots when dinking
  11. Fake overhead smash shots

While the whole video is embedded below, here is a link to start the video right at the beginning of advanced drills at about 6:40 in the video: Advanced Wall Drills