Regency TMPC Monster SMASH

On Saturday, sixty seven players played on the gorgeous courts at Regency and raised over $1300 for good causes.

Big thanks to Randy Plymel, Regency resident and TMPC member, and his daughter, Sheri Barainca, TMPC Board Member and event coordinator,  for organizing this fun event.

Many thanks to Regency and Toll Brothers for their hospitality and generosity.

And as always, big thanks to all of the participants! Event results will be posted later.


Player comments

Great job by all.  Huge endeavor. Lots of work.  Thx everyone

Active member - Meri West

Thank you Sheri and Thank you to your excellent team!!! The day was great fun and the wind made it very challenging.   So many fun moments because of the wind.

For Example:  
* I served the ball and it was returned into the kitchen but the wind caught the ball and it went back over the net to the other side before I could even touch it!!
** Also, I have never had serves land in the kitchen!!!

The most fun was meeting so many new people and playing with so many great partners.  

Thank you to everyone for such a "Memorable Tournament."

 "Blondie" Carol Lytle


What a fun event, thank you ALL for making it happen! You may look at the weather today and think if only we had weather like this yesterday! But truly, the wind made us all one big happy family! Thanks again!

Becky Privitt


A great time was had by all, I didn't hear a single complaint even about the wind. It just made the play more fun and challenging .  I met alot of new players and that is always a good thing.

Thank you -  Judith  


Yes, thanks to all!!!  There was a lot if laughter going on as we watched our shots swirl, dip, and dive with the wind!!! What a fun event for a good cause.

Mary Ann Gaebe of Arrowcreek Pickleball Club


Thanks to all organizers and participants.  Lots of smiles and laughter - what could be better than that!!!  



Thank you all for the great day.  Best player of the day was Mariah ( the wind and fifth player on all the courts).   Fun had by all



So much fun. Thanks to you all that put these events together.  

Paula Tlachac


Fun times, wonderful event, Thanks to all who were involved in putting this all together, and making sure all went well.

Bob Basso


Here are some fun photos from the event. Thank you Maggie Abbett, Regency resident and TMPC member, for supplying these photos.

Tuesday Tips – The Reset Shot-How to Control the Flight of the Ball

Today’s tip is third in a series from CJ Johnson of Incline Village. If you missed the first two tips of this series – Soft Hands & How to Get to the Net Fast – be sure to watch those first.

“To hit a successful Pickleball Reset Shot you need to control the flight of the ball. That sends the ball up, over the net and into the kitchen. How do you learn to open the paddle face without setting up a kill shot for your opponents? I like to teach a double dink and a double volley drill to help players learn to control the paddle face and the softness of the shot.”


Plumas Gym  Re-Opening on Monday October 14

Plumas Gym remains an OPEN GYM to all players. No one will EVER be turned away!

ALL CITY OF RENO FACILITIES ARE OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS! From Dan Massey, Recreation Manager for City of Reno: “If anyone contacts you in regards to our open play, please let them know that open play styles will change from facility to facility, but everyone is always welcome and encouraged to play at any City of Reno facility regardless of skill or ability.”

New Format
  • Re-opening Monday October 14th.
  • Open Gym with Challenge Court format on all three courts.
  • Open FIVE (5) days a week. Monday – Friday 9 AM to 1 PM.
  • 3 Challenge Courts – Winners will stay on for 4 games max.
  • No cash accepted!
  • Players must have a City of Reno Activity Card or a punch card.
  • Cards may be purchased at Evelyn Mount or Neil Road Rec Center.

Did you know that TMPC works in conjunction with City of Reno to organize play at a number of the facilities in the Truckee Meadows area.

Some of our TMPC members are also part time City of Reno employees working as facility monitors. Without these member/employees, the City of Reno would be hard pressed to offer as much pickleball as they do.

Be sure to thank your facility monitors!

UPDATE: The club has been receiving a lot of feedback on the new format at Plumas Gym. Thank you for your feedback and I will be gathering all the feedback and providing it to the board at the next board meeting.  You are always welcome to provide comments and suggestions to Carol Amos – TMPC Board Member and web gal

Tuesday Tips – How To Get to the Net with Reset Shot

In the first of this series on resetting shots and making your way to the best part of the court – THE KITCHEN – CJ Johnson partners up with Laura Fenton Kovanda.

“Getting to the net fast is a basic pickleball strategy. But how do you do it without getting stuck in pickleball no man’s land? In this pickleball video, 4 time US Open Champion, Laura Fenton Kovonda shows us how to play smart pickleball and hit the reset shot from the transition zone. The reset shot or learning to reset the point from the transition zone is a basic pickleball doubles strategy. This pickleball tip will help you soften a hard hit shot to your feet or body so that your team can move to the non-volley zone.”

Catching up this Fall

Happy Fall TMPC Members!


Here is a bit of catch up news of all sorts.



Boys & Girls Club Closed Next Week

Truckee Meadows Boys and Girls Club will be closed for PB play next week due to Washoe County School District’s fall break. The Indoor Courts page has been updated to include all of WCSD’s breaks.

Monster SMASH

There is still some room for 2.5 and 3.0 players in TMPC Monster Smash at Regency on Saturday October 19th. Please sign up for this fun event! Monster Smash

Douglas County Senior Games

Schedule up for Douglas County Senior Games. Douglas County has provided the schedule for their upcoming Senior Games. Let’s play!


PayPal Problems?

It has come to our recent attention that some members may have had problems utilizing our online payment via PayPal. If you have had problems with PayPal, please let us know! We don’t know unless you let us know. Contact us here with more info so we can fix this ASAP! Email: TruckeeMeadowsPickleballClub

Tuesday Tips – Soft Hands

Today’s tip is the first in a series of related videos from CJ Johnson of Incline Village along with World Team Pickleball owner and multi US Open and USAPA Nationals Champion, Laura Fenton Kovanda of Surprise, Arizona.

Do you count more than your points? When you are warming up or doing drills, try counting how many consecutive shots you and your partner(s) can make. First shoot for 10 or more dinks or volleys in a row. Then go for 25. Then 50 in a row. What’s your highest number of shots in a row?

By doing cooperative drills and shots during warm ups, you are nailing muscle memory which is crucial to your pickleball game.

“Play a lot of “bangers”? Learning how to play pickleball usually involves the skill of taking pace off the ball. 3 Time US Open Gold Medalist Laura Fenton Kovanda shows us a pickleball drill to hit the ball softer.”

News from Carson City and Gardnerville and Fallon

More and more players from all around the outlying Truckee Meadows areas are becoming TMPC members and events are held all around the areas.

With that in mind, we have added a few new pages to our website. One for Carson Valley Area Pickleball which will include Carson City and the Minden and Gardnerville areas. Another page will highlight Fallon Pickleball.

Carson Valley Area Pickleball

Carson City Parks and Rec Commission will have a meeting Tuesday October 1st, and pickleball will be on the agenda.

Also, Douglas County is hosting Senior Olympics this October. *NEW* – Schedule posted!

Find all about all the Carson Valley Area Pickleball news on the new web page located under Places to Play.

Fallon Pickleball

Fallon Pickleball was recently featured in the first print edition of the Fallon Post. Read all about how pickleball came to Fallon way back in the 1980’s!

Fallon Pickleball news and updates will also be housed under Places to Play.

Announcing TMPC Kids Pickleball Program!

Long time TMPC Member and PB coach, Nick Sharp, wants to “play the joys” of PB forward and get the area kids playing pickleball. He will partner up with TMPC board member, Netto Montoya, a long time coach and educator in our area.

Paddles are needed!

Do you  have a paddle in your bag or garage gathering dust that you no longer use? Please donate your old/unused paddles to TMPC Kids Pickleball Program  so Nick and Netto can use it in helping area kids learn pickleball.

Volunteers are needed, too!

If any of you have ever used one of those old wooden paddles? They are HEAVY! Now think of a youngster using one of those!

If you have a paddle or two to donate for the TMPC Kids Pickleball Program or want to help teach the kids of our area, please  contact us through the Contact Form below and we will contact you soon.


Tuesday Tips – Volley the Ball or Let it Bounce?

Ever feel like Shakespeare on the court asking yourself – “To bounce or not to bounce?”  Here’s how pro Rob Cassidy dinking with Jordan Briones of PrimeTime Pickleball answers that million dollar question.

“Not sure when to let the ball bounce and when to take it out of the air as a volley. Here’s a great way to know when to do what…

One of the questions that’s asked a lot in pickleball is when do I let the ball bounce and when do I volley it. It’s very important to know the difference because it can change the tempo of the point and have a big impact on the outcome. In this video, pro pickleball player and coach Rob Cassidy is going to show us a great way to figure out when it’s time to reach in for a volley dink and when it’s best to let the ball bounce and play a regular dink. You need both but picking the right one at the right time is key to playing winning pickleball.”